Buffalo Bills: The Sky’s the Limit in 2018

BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 26: Head coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills looks on against the Baltimore Ravens in the first half during a preseason game at M
BALTIMORE, MD - AUGUST 26: Head coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills looks on against the Baltimore Ravens in the first half during a preseason game at M /
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Mindset of McBeane and the 2018 NFL Draft

As most of us believe we know, 2018 could be an outstanding draft for the quarterback position. There are a number of them who are seniors and a few more who are juniors.

I mention that distinction because had Andrew Luck come out following his junior year. It is fair to say the Panthers would have ended up taking Luck first overall and the Bills, barring anyone jumping over them to the second overall pick.

Would have been able to draft quarterback Cam Newton out of Auburn that year, with their third overall pick. It would have been Chan Gailey’s second year serving as Bills’ head coach. So the supposed Andrew Luck like prize for earning the first overall pick in 2018 is quarterback Sam Darnold out of USC. But Darnold is a junior. So he could indeed come back for his senior year. I do not know if I even believe McBeane will shoot for the stars to draft a young, rookie, supposed stud quarterback. A lot of the talking heads in Buffalo sports media make the point that; no one knows who will be in the top five.

So the best way to assure your team get a top three to five pick is to? Tank! I could not disagree more with that.  I’ll break down why in more detail toward the end of this article. There’s supposedly up to seven and possibly ten college quarterback prospects that could enter the 2018 NFL draft. So what will the Bills do come late April 2018?

The Bills, McBeane & team needs including quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft

As a result of the trades of Ronald Darby and Sammy Watkins if you have heard by now. The Bills and McBeane now own two picks in each of the first three rounds of the coming 2018 NFL Draft. That alone is enough for this Bills’ fan want to fast forward to the end of April 2018. As of right now, the Bills roster needs are wide receivers at least two, an interior offensive line (one to replace Incognito) and needless to say, quarterback.

As for the defensive side of the ball. The Bills’ needs are an interior defensive line (to replace Kyle Williams), a side line to side middle linebacker and an excellent ball hawking safety.

How many dance partners will McBeane have?

There are almost too many variables to seriously try to explain what I think the Bills and McBeane will do come the end of April 2018. What I do know that I believe is, whatever those things are. McBeane and the Bills will be ready, willing and able to be at least one of the movers and shakers of this upcoming draft.

They have enough fire power to move up and get their players. The one main thing that could and probably will restrict them as with any other general manager and team is, finding and keep finding different dance partners.

I mean if other general managers realize the Bills want to move up to their spot. They could hold them ransom to squeeze as much currency out of McBeane and the Bills. No one knows how much self-restraint the Bills will have to display. Trying to figure that out at this point is certainly a huge mystery and completely above my pay grade.

In conclusion, enjoy the ‘McBeane’ process

To my fellow Bills’ fans, please breathe and realize our Buffalo Bills have finally entered the twenty-first century.

This entire new regime to me has come in and put in place a plan, their play. This “McBeane” plan is exactly what it looks and feels like when that is an actual reality. Perhaps a plan we the fans do not fully know nor understand. However, there is a plan, finally! So hold on to your hats and glasses. These next two to three

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The season is going to be a bumpy ride, with lots of ups and downs. So buckle up, put your pants on one a leg at a time, and pull your boots on one foot at a time. And T.R.U.S.T. = Take your time with. Run the, Use the, See the, Trust the “Process!”