It will cost a ton for Buffalo Bills to move up in 2018 NFL Draft

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Buffalo Bills to move up in 2018 NFL Draft
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Breaking down the Carson Wentz trade

After the Rams made their move for the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, the Philadelphia Eagles followed up by trading with the Cleveland Browns to move up six slots from No. 8 overall to No. 2 overall.

The trade involved the Eagles receiving the No. 2 overall pick in 2016 and the Browns 2017 fourth round pick. That pick ended up being at No. 139 overall. The Browns received the Eagles 2016 1st round (8th overall), 3rd round (77th overall) and 4th round (100 overall) draft picks. They also received two future picks which included their 1st round pick in 2017 and a second round pick in 2018. The 2017 first round pick ended up being No. 12 overall.

The Browns received a 2016 No. 8 overall pick (1,400 pts), 2016 No. 77 overall pick (205 pts), 2016 No. 100 overall pick (100 pts), 2017. No 12 overall pick (1,200 pts) and a 2018 2nd round pick which can range anywhere from 580 points to 270 points meaning the Browns total points could be anywhere from a maximum of 3,485 to a minimum of 3,175. The Eagles meanwhile only received 2,636.50 points with the 2016 No. 2 overall pick getting them 2,600 points and the 2017 No. 139 overall pick getting them 36.5 points.

The Browns ended up getting the better part of this deal according to the draft trade chart. That wasn’t the most one sided trade to move up in the draft though. That trade belongs to the Washington Redskins. Let’s examine just how bad it was on the next slide.