Buffalo Bills: What to Watch For Preseason Week 3

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While Taylor looked bad versus Philadelphia, his offensive line hasn’t helped matters yet this preseason. The Bills will face Baltimore in week 3, without left tackle Cordy Glenn. This means the coaches need to show their best backup plan NOW to help the 1st team offense get going.

Seantrell Henderson is suspended to start the season, having him play with the 1s during this game does not make any sense. He isn’t even that good at Left Tackle, so unless you are helping Taylor by having him practice at game speed how to run for his life, then please show us the alternative.

If you watched both pre-season games regardless of which unit has been on the field both the right tackle and left tackles positions are looking bad. Cordy Glenn fixes a lot of that, but if there is any risk he will miss time, I don’t see how you can feel good about this offense with the backups we have seen to this point.

Will the Bills put Dion Dawkins with the first team at LT? He is supposed to be competing for the starting RT job, but he did practice during OTAs with the first team at LT and played there during his career at Temple.

Or will the Bills just admit that there isn’t a great plan for LT, and let Dawkins line up with the 1s at RT? Jordan Mills is ok, but last season we all thought there was room for an upgrade at RT, and in preseason I haven’t seen anything from Mills that tells me I need to change my mind. Dawkins may need time to grow, so you don’t have to rush him, but if he commits fewer penalties and has fewer breakdowns than Mills, just put him in. Let him grow all year and accept his faults early on. Mills has experience in the NFL at LT too, he isn’t great their either, but at least one side of the line may get better.

This week, watch the rotation at Left Tackle and Right Tackle. During the game, I guess each series will see different combinations at each position until the coaching staff can find the right mix. Also, start praying that Cordy Glenn returns fully healthy.

If prayer doesn’t work, there is still another way the Bills can improve their Tackle situations.