Buffalo Bills: Still six 10-year vets on team

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 23: Anquan Boldin
DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 23: Anquan Boldin /

The Buffalo Bills still have six 10-year veterans on their current roster, the second most in the AFC-East.

Some Bills’ fans have declared this season a bust and infer that the team is tanking following the Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby trades. Tanking is a form of losing while cutting ties with older players, so the team is forced to play younger, inexperienced players who may not be as talented.

Here are the six 10-year veterans currently on the Buffalo Bills’ roster courtesy of NFL.com:

  • OLB – Lorenzo Alexander 11-year veteran
  • WR – Anquan Boldin 15-year veteran
  • K – Steven Hauschka 10-year veteran
  • OG – Richie Incognito 11-year veteran
  • FB – Mike Tolbert 10-year veteran
  • DE – Kyle Williams 12-year veteran

Three of these players were signed this offseason. Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have added each of these players to the roster because they think they can make this team better, not take away from it. It is obvious to see other teams tank because of their lack of veterans. Look at New York for example.

  • RB – Matt Forte 10-year veteran
  • QB – Josh McCown 15-year veteran

Although McCown will most likely be the starting quarterback for the team, Forte will be in the shadow of 2016 standout, Bilal Powell. The team cut ties with multiple veterans over the offseason including David Harris who now plays for the New England Patriots.

  • QB – Tom Brady 18-year veteran
  • DE – Alan Branch 11-year veteran
  • K – Stephen Gostkowski 12-year veteran
  • LB – David Harris 11-year veteran
  • WR Matthew Slater 10-year veteran

Tom Brady, 18-year veteran, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him. The amount of veterans on your team does not correlate with the number of wins you have, but it can when it is in key positions such as quarterback, special teams, and linebacker. The Miami Dolphins have one of the older teams in the league, and it shows by the number of 10-year veterans they have on the team.

  • OG – Jermon Bushrod 11-year veteran
  • QB – Jay Cutler 12-year veteran
  • LS – John Denney 13-year veteran
  • TE – Anthony Fasano 13-year veteran
  • DE – William Hayes 10-year veteran
  • QB – Matt Moore 10-year veteran
  • LB – Lawrence Timmons 11-year veteran

With the recent news of the Miami injuries, the Buffalo trades, and the New York tanking plan, the AFC East is in shambles. The veterans that Brandon Beane signed for this Buffalo team will do nothing but help the team. Anquan Boldin is working to be the number two option on this team, and he might just get it. Mike Tolbert will be used in short-yardage situations, and Steven Hauschka will be the kicker for this team.

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Do you think 10-year veterans are a liability or the solution? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!