Adolphus Washington tip-toeing on thin ice

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 09: Adolphus Washington
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 09: Adolphus Washington /

In a recent article done by ESPN, Buffalo Bills’ Adolphus Washington has learned from his mistakes in the recent gun charge.

Adolphus Washington, former Buckeye, was recently charged with gun possession near a water park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Washington pleaded not guilty after his July 9th arrest.

Washington is coming off a rookie season with 21 combined tackles and 2.5 sacks.

Sean McDermott has stressed to his team since his hire that discipline and character are key. But was this really a fireable offense? Washington had a permit for his gun but left it in a vehicle with the roof off. It seems as if this was just poor judgment.

I’m sure McDermott consulted with general manager, Brandon Beane on this one. It is always tough to decide to cut a player, especially one with as much potential as Washington has.

Ezekiel Elliot was recently involved in a bar altercation and was found speeding afterward. Not to mention the domestic violence case that the NFL is currently investigating. Lucky Whitehead was then wrongfully accused of a crime and was immediately cut. The difference is that Elliot is a top three running back in the league, and Whitehead was expendable. The Cowboys were not going to cut Elliot.

I am not comparing Adolphus Washington to Ezekiel Elliot, but the Bills will not cut Washington. He should feel lucky to be on the Buffalo Bills’ roster entering training camp.

In a report that ESPN did on the matter:

"“A police report says officers were breaking up a crowd at the park when Washington “reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle, just feet away from officers.” Police cruiser and body cam video show Washington in his vehicle, with officers surrounding him and shouting at him to “put the gun down.”Bills coach Sean McDermott said he was disappointed with what happened but was thankful no one was hurt.”"

"“General manager Brandon Beane said the team is moving forward after he and McDermott spoke with Washington.”"

This event left McDermott disappointed. I am surprised that the new coach refrained from flexing his muscles and showing the rest of the team who’s boss. This shows great temperament from the new head coach. I am sure Adolphus Washington will be tip toeing on thin ice entering the season.

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