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BUFFALO, NY – OCTOBER 16: Colin Kaepernick /

Preston Brown – The Miz

Preston Brown hasn’t been the star on the Buffalo Bills since he came in as a rookie. However, Brown has started since day 1, and although many times the Bills have tried to replace him, he remains a solid NFL starter.

Where Bills fans get frustrated, is that as the Middle Linebacker, Brown isn’t that top tier MLB in the NFL. He will probably ever become Luke Keuchly, Navarro Bowman, or Alec Ogletree. Brown can always be there as a solid NFL starter.

There is something to be said for that. Brown has his limitations, but he won’t hurt you by making the dumb penalty, or the poor adjustment. The lack of a high ceiling makes Brown one that people will constantly look to replace to get that upgrade on defense.

In the WWE there is a solid performer who is constantly trying to be replaced by a superstar with a higher ceiling. The Miz has been in the WWE for over a decade and typically stays in his current spot as the Intercontinental Champion. The IC title isn’t a bad thing; it used to be the title superstars who would become future WWE champions held as a stepping stone.

The Miz was the WWE Champion at one point and headlined a WrestleMania. Since that star year, he reverted to being a contender for just about every other WWE belt. All the while, being one of the best speakers in the entire wrestling business.

His skills on the microphone, much like Brown’s intelligence on the field, make up for his lack of elite traits. Where those with untapped talent falter, The Miz is there to pick up the ball.

The WWE needs guys like The Miz who can be relied upon to execute their storylines. The Bills are going to quietly give Reggie Ragland a chance to supplant Brown because Ragland has more raw talent. Last year, Rex Ryan was ready for Ragland to start too, but injuries happen. The Bills need Brown to be that steady hand on a defense that’s changing its style and culture.