BillsMafia Twitter votes on favorite player

Buffalo Bills Twitter has spoken.

In a recent poll @BuffaLowDown performed, people were given the option to choose from four different players. Four on offense and four on defense.

Here are the results for the offensive players:

  • 48% LeSean McCoy
  • 26% Richie Incognito
  • 18% Tyrod Taylor
  • 8% Sammy Watkins

Okay, so no one was surprised here. LeSean McCoy is the best player on the team, and that makes it easy to root for the guy. A fanbase would love anyone as long as they’re scoring touchdowns. McCoy is one of the more vocal players on the team for better or worse. It is never bad to have a vocal leader, but some of his social media interactions are seen as petty. He is the face of the franchise, so it was a relief to see him win this poll.

I knew Richie Incognito was a fan favorite, but I had no clue he would beat out the likes of Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins. Usually, the quarterback is one of the more beloved players on the team. Not in this case…

Other players I would’ve liked to include in this poll are Zay Jones, Eric Wood, and Charles Clay. Although Jones has never played an NFL snap, fans are quickly getting behind the young player. It would be interesting to see how Clay stacks up against his teammates in a poll like this.

Here were the results for the defensive players:

  • 74% Kyle Williams
  • 14% Marcell Dareus
  • 8% Shaq Lawson
  • 4% Ronald Darby

Again, this surprised no one. Kyle Williams is the leader and best player on the defense. It is only right that he earns a blowout victory in the poll.

Far behind him lies Marcell Dareus. After a tough 2016 season, his stock with the Buffalo Bills’ fanatics may have dropped quite a bit.

I felt as if I had to put a member of the Buffalo Bills’ secondary in the poll. Since Stephon Gilmore left, Ronald Darby was next man up. It is clear now that they either are indifferent towards Darby, or the fans just love Kyle Williams. Probably the ladder.

Lorenzo Alexander would’ve been a great addition to the list, but he fell victim to Ronald Darby. I think Alexander would’ve put up a fight for second or third. Other defensive players I would’ve enjoyed seeing on the poll are Tre’Davious White, Jerry Hughes, and even Reggie Ragland. White, being the first round draft pick may have an advantage. Like Zay Jones, White and Ragland have yet to play an NFL snap.

This poll will be done again mid-season and post-season to see if any players have hurt their image in the eyes of the Buffalo Bills’ fanbase.

Who is your favorite Bills’ player? Let me know in the comments below!





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