Buffalo Bills: LeSean McCoy Teaches Mack Brown Valuable Lesson

Oct 2, 2016; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) gets past New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler (21) for a touchdown during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 2, 2016; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) gets past New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler (21) for a touchdown during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports /

Buffalo Bills’ star running back LeSean McCoy worked on his game with Washington Redskins’ running back Mack Brown this offseason.

LeSean McCoy has quite the reputation throughout the NFL, to the point where younger players — more specifically running backs — turn to him for advice. That was the case with Mack Brown this offseason, who worked out with the Buffalo Bills‘ Pro Bowl running back.

McCoy taught Brown a few things that have stuck with the young Redskins’ running back, which included a Kobe Bryant reference. McCoy was seen on SportsCenter after the season ended and proclaimed that there was ‘no back that can touch me,’ so Mack Brown would be smart to take any advice from Shady McCoy.

According to the Washington Redskins’ official website, Mack Brown made several improvements this offseason. In addition to working out with LeSean McCoy, Brown also worked out with Tevin Coleman.

Here’s what Brown told Redskins.com:

"“Those running backs made me quicker,” Brown told Redskins.com. “I had a track coach back home to work on my long distance speed. I got my diet back and lost about four percent body fat and gained about eight pounds of muscle. Every year is hard to make the team, but you have to make sure you give the coach another view. I have to be faster this year. I have to be quicker. I have to be better in the blocking scheme. Back home I did everything.”"

LeSean McCoy is known for two things, his cuts and his speed. Not only are they two things McCoy works to improve on a daily basis, but they are two things that are becoming more rare upon running backs.

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Mack Brown gave a little more insight as to what McCoy taught him:

"“He would just tell me think about Kobe Bryant,” Brown said. “Kobe worked on his shot every day, his dribble every day, post moves, so why not work on your cuts every day? He was right. I lift and run but I don’t do footwork every day. He said he works on his balance and footwork every day so he can come out his cuts better. So ever since then I have been working on coming out my cuts and balance drills.”"

LeSean McCoy had an extremely productive 2016 campaign that netted him 1,267 yards (6th in the league) and 13 touchdowns (4th in the league) on just 234 carries (12th in the league). His 5.4 yards per carry average was the best in the league among running backs with more than 200 carries, with just Bilal Powell (5.5 avg. on 131 carries) and teammate Mike Gillislee (5.7 avg. on 101 carries) ahead of him.

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McCoy also had the second most rushes over 20 yards, totaling 11 on the season. Ezekiel Elliot was No. 1 with 14 carries over 20 yards, but he did it on 322 carries.

McCoy will look to have an even better season if he can stay healthy all 16 games. He basically missed a total of two games last season and had a couple games that could’ve had more production. One thing’s for sure, last season proved that McCoy is still one of the best backs in this leauge — if not the best.

Mack Brown didn’t play in the 2015 season after being waived by the Texans and picked up by the Redskins. He would spend most of the season on the practice squad. Last season, he made a name for himself as he led all rushers in the preseason with 227 yards (149 in the preseason finale).

Brown wouldn’t see regular season action until Week 16, but performed well when called upon. In a 41-21 victory over the Chicago Bears, he finished with 82 yards on 8 carries — including a 61-yard touchdown.

He is still sort of fighting for a spot on the team, according to Redskins.com, but hopes that the coaching staff can give him more chances like they did in Week 16:

"“Coming into this season I know I have to do even more and I got to get the coaches to trust me,” Brown said. “I felt that last year I didn’t play early was because they didn’t trust me. They know I can play but they didn’t trust me. That’s what I am trying to do this year is make the coaches trust me. I’ve got the talent and a great running backs coach, a great offensive coach and head coach, so everybody in the running backs core is going to need the trust of the coaches.”"

If not, with the recent news of Mike Gillislee possibly going to the Patriots, maybe the Buffalo Bills could use some Mack Brown in their lives.

Just a thought.

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