Bills Promote Anthony Lynn To Offensive Coordinator

The Buffalo Bills wasted no time replacing Greg Roman. The Bills promoted Anthony Lynn to offensive coordinator on Friday.

The man who will replace Greg Roman as the Buffalo Bills Offensive Coordinator is Assistant Head Coach and Running Backs Coach Anthony Lynn. Lynn has been with Rex Ryan for eight years now and they are very familiar with one another.

Lynn is a well-respected coach across the NFL and has interviewed for several head coaching positions including the Dolphins, 49ers and even the Jets when Rex Ryan was fired. When Lynn did not get the position with the Jets, he decided to join Ryan’s staff in Buffalo with the same titles he held in New York. That title was just upgraded to Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach.

His success can also be measured on the field. As a player, he was a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the Broncos. As a coach, according to the Buffalo News  “He’s either coached a 1,000-yard rusher or a team that combined to rush for over 2,000 yards in 12 of the last 13 seasons.”

That’s a pretty good stat and shows his consistency, something the Bills urgently need some of. He’s not going to change a ton as far as schemes but he does plan to make some changes. According to,

“The changes that will take place will be rooted in Anthony Lynn’s personal preferences for what is best to utilize against the opponent each week along with a more focused effort to get their premier playmakers the ball.”

That’s good. Changing schemes in the middle of the season would have deemed most of the offenses learning in the offseason a waste of time. Lynn’s plan to modify the current scheme to maximize Buffalo’s best players is a good choice of action. His style will also be different than that of Greg Roman. reports that when asked about Anthony Lynn, Jerome Felton replied “He’s like a military guy. He’s on top of the details and making sure you’re doing your job and executing the plays.”

Let’s hope he’s right, because there is no doubt Buffalo could use a guy like that to help them become more disciplined and accountable. This will lead to a more consistent and successful offense.

The good news is that things for this season can’t be much worse than the first two games. Outside of two deep touchdown passes against the Jets, the offense has been largely ineffective. It shouldn’t be hard for Anthony Lynn to improve upon that.

This should be a wake-up call to all the players. Hopefully, Lynn can put them in the right situations with his playcalling to be successful in order to change the direction this season is going in. If he doesn’t this is going to be a tough year to watch.