Bills Running Back Karlos Williams Is Overweight

Karlos Williams reports too heavy to the Bills

Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams reported to minicamp overweight according to Dan Hanzus of He was held out of practice for his own sake. Rex Ryan referred to Karlos’ weight when he said, “obviously not anywhere close to where he needs to be to play at a high level.”

Williams said the reason was because of his fiancée while she was pregnant. That’s a pretty ballsy thing to say about your fiancée, wife or girlfriend. A word of advice from a man who has only been married a year and a half, not a great idea to blame your girl because YOU gained weight.

He covered for himself pretty well though when he said “She’d wake up, one or two o’clock, ‘I want a snack.’ Well, I’m not going to sit here and watch you eat because I don’t want you to feel bad.”

Phew. Nice save Karlos! You got more skill than I thought you had. Maybe I should be taking advice from you!

Alright, enough of the marital advice, let’s discuss how this affects the team.

Weight gain is a really big issue for running backs. Just look at Eddie Lacy’s career. When in shape he is one of the best backs in the league. When he allows himself to pack on the pounds, he’s barely good enough to be the starter on the Packers who have few other decent options.

On top of performance, being out of shape and letting your weight fluctuate could increase the chance of injury. I’m not sure there is scientific evidence of this but for a professional athlete it’s best not to put the stress on your body of gaining a lot of weight and then having to lose it.

With Karlos Williams being held out of practice until he can lose some weight, he is going to lose reps to rookie Jonathan Williams and others. He better hope that Jonathan doesn’t show the coaches something because while it’s hard to imagine the Bills would cut Karlos, he could lose the number two spot if someone else impresses in his absence.

Just think about how well Mike Gillislee performed off the streets for the team when called upon in December. No one was thinking that a practice squad player who was unsigned for part of the year would be able to get 267 yards on 47 carries for an average of 5.7 yards per carry.

Karlos Williams roster spot isn’t in question but in the NFL it’s very easy to lose your job when you’re not on the field and Mike Gillislee, Jonathan Williams, Boom Herron, and James Wilder Jr. will be looking to do just that.

Karlos, it’s time to get back in shape. You had a really good excuse this time, but please make this the last time you report to camp so overweight that they hold you out of practice. Do it for your own benefit, do it for the team and do it for the sake of the fans.

Check out the below video for more on the subject.

So what do you think Bills fans? Does he have a good excuse? Leave your comments below.