QB Connor Cook Made A Pre-Draft Visit To The Bills

QB Connor Cook Made A Pre-Draft Visit To The Bills

Quarterback Connor Cook made a pre-draft visit to the Buffalo Bills recently. Cook is 6’4″ and 217 pounds according to NFL.com. He replaced Kirk Cousins as Michigan State’s starter when Cousins was drafted in 2012.

Cook is an average athlete who avoids turnovers similar to Alex Smith but without the same ability to run the football that Smith possesses. Only once in his college career has he thrown more interceptions in a game than touchdowns. He is considered to be your prototypical “pocket passer”.

One area where Cook struggled was with his completion percentage. It was under 58% in his college career according to Sports-Reference.com. That number needs to improve in the NFL and unfortunately for Cook, it needs to improve against better competition.

Another area of concern is that Cook was not voted by his teammates as a captain at Michigan State despite being their starting quarterback for several years. Part of the reason for that was center Jack Allen was the team’s offensive captain for the past two years and was well respected amongst his peers.

Cook has a lower ceiling than most other prospects but he also has a lot higher floor. ESPN’s Jon Gruden gushes about him on his QB Camp show on the network. Adam Schefter tweeted that Gruden said that Cook “is perhaps the best QB in this draft”.

One trait that NFL scouts look for, especially in quarterbacks, is the ability to perform well in big games. Cook has proven that he can handle himself in those important games as he was the Big Ten Championship MVP in both 2013 and 2015.

Cook is the third quarterback that has been linked to Buffalo with a pre-draft visit. The other two are Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott and Ohio State’s Cardale Jones. The Bills will definitely look to add one quarterback at some point during this year’s draft and if Cook is still around when they pick at #49 overall he could be the guy for them.

For more on the quarterbacks in this year’s draft check out the below video which highlights many of the QB’s expected to be taken in the first two rounds.