LeSean McCoy Incident: Stop Throwing Shade


LeSean McCoy Incident: Stop Throwing Shade

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is one of four suspects involved in an alleged altercation with off-duty police officers a few hours after Super Bowl 50 concluded while at a club in Philadelphia.

There are a couple of details that differ from the various accounts of the events that night but generally most of the facts are corroborated by multiple sources.  There are, however, a few details which remain murky  and have yet to be clarified by any of the parties involved.  It would be prudent to wait for all the facts to be revealed rather than prematurely jump to conclusions as some already have.

Let’s examine what is known so far.  According to Philly.com McCoy was at Recess Lounge with Curtis Brinkley, Tamarcus Porter, and Christopher Henderson on the night of February 7th.  Some or all of these men were involved in an altercation over a bottle of champagne.  The police report obtained by CSNPhilly.com indicates that there were three off-duty officers involved and two of them were injured.

The officers who sustained injuries were Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler.  Officer Jessie received stitches over his left eye and he may have a skull fracture.  Officer Butler had a laceration to his right eye, a sprained thumb, as well as a broken nose and ribs as a result of the brawl.

The cameras inside the club were either not working or not turned on and therefore did not capture the fight.  Three amateur videos of the incident have emerged so far.  For the most part it is difficult to tell who is doing what to whom while the mayhem ensues.

According to CSNPhilly.com it was Officer Butler and Tamarcus Porter involved in the initial altercation. Then McCoy, Brinkley, Henderson and Officer Jessie joined the action to provide support for the people that they were there with.  Officer Butler was knocked to the ground where he was kicked, and punched, in various parts of his head and body according to several sources.

Based on the current facts it does not seem like McCoy was the one who started the ruckus.  This is good news for Bills fans but that doesn’t mean he is in the clear of any wrongdoing.  According to TMZ you can see LeSean throw a punch during the melee in this video.  From the information that is available it seems like the off-duty officers sustained the worst of the injuries that night.

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Reportedly investigators have sent results of their findings to the District Attorney’s Office.  It’s now up to the them to decide if they would like to prosecute.  Based on the extent of the injuries to the officers, the suspects could be charged with aggravated assault which is a felony that can carry a long prison sentence if convicted.

Some sources indicate that arrest warrants could be issued in the near future for all or some of the alleged suspects.  John Barr from Outside the Lines’ has reported that McCoy hired Jack McMahon as his defense attorney according to this article by ESPN staff writer Mike Rodak.

At this moment there isn’t overwhelming evidence that Shady McCoy did anything egregiously wrong.  Buffalo Bills fans should be patient and let this situation play out before reaching any harsh conclusions.  Remember how people wanted to fire Aaron Kromer after his incident over beach chairs this past summer?  I don’t condone the alleged actions of Mr. Kromer but the chorus of people calling for his job has certainly quieted down since the case was settled.

Bills fans should wait for all the facts to be revealed before they call for McCoy to be cut or traded.  There is no rush for the team to act on this matter.  The Bills will have plenty of time to make the proper decision as to LeSean’s future with them once they have gathered all the information.  Let’s wait until all the details are out before you decide if you want to throw shade at Shady.