Eagles End Bills’ Season


Another brutal game to watch, not because the Bills were bad, no the opposite. Buffalo was good and again found ways to beat themselves. This game basically sums up the entire season, Buffalo is in a very winnable game but do not win.

The Bills out gained the Eagles 412 to 348, but the only numbers that matter are points. How many times have we seen Buffalo have promising drives that end with a punt, or get stalled by a penalty? Pretty hard to have momentum when you have 15 penalties for 101 yards. How does a team jump offsides so much in the same game? And of course, would it really be a Bills game without a terrible special teams penalty?

If there was any doubt about the Bills needing to upgrade the offensive line in the offseason it was erased today. Way too many times the pocket collapsed on Taylor, and if it didn’t there was probably a holding call. Every time the Bills had a positive play my eyes went immediately to the top of the screen looking for the flag graphic to pop up, and usually it did.

How many chances did the Bills need to win this game? It seemed like the entire fourth quarter they had a chance to get a drive going and win the game, but couldn’t do it. For the most part, the defense played well, even on the last drive to hold the Eagles to a field goal. A clear pick play that went uncalled gave the Eagles a free 40 yards, and the defense held them there. Tyrod and the offensive just couldn’t get it done in crunch time.

The Bills playoff hopes are gone, though they aren’t mathematically eliminated, they are as good as gone. This team had a lot of potential, but never used it on the defensive side of the ball. Buffalo set a record for finding new ways to lose games this year.

Let’s think about how many terrible mistakes this team made that playoff teams don’t.  Penalties, missed field goals and extra points, muffed punts, bad play calling, the list can go on and on, but you get my point. The Bills didn’t miss the playoffs because they lacked talent, they just never used the talent.

Rex and the Bills front office, whoever it may be, have a lot of work to do this offseason. The talent will be there again, and yes, Tyrod should start next year, but the coaches have to find a way to use it. Wow, being a Buffalo sports fan is rough.