Madden 16 rankings for DT are out


Madden 16 rankings for DT are out

If your a football fan and you love video games, then you have probably played Madden at some point in your lifetime.  For those of us that have not missed a new Madden release date since the beginning of the reign of Madden EA Sports games, then the release of rankings and ratings as well as the game just spells that football is very close.

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With the release of the game coming next month, EA Sports and Madden developers begin to release the position rankings of the top 5 in each position.  The defensive tackles have been announced.

The Buffalo Bills not only have one player in the top five, they have two, yes two.  No Mario Williams did not move inside on the defensive line.

The Buffalo Bills have obtained both the 3rd and 4th spots in the top five rankings for Madden defensive tackles are concerned.

Marcell Dareus, the 3rd overall ranked defensive tackle has a rating of a 94.  With a 95 strength, 94 tackle and 92 power move, he is only 2 points away from Ndamukong Suh who is ranked a 96 and the top ranked defensive tackle with Gerald McCoy coming in at a 95 as the 2nd overall ranked defensive tackle.

As far as our second ranked defensive tackle, the old wily veteran of Kyle Williams came in one point below Marcell Dareus and ranked as the 4th overall with the defensive tackles coming home with a 93 overall rating.  He brings a 94 play recognition, 91 block shedding and a 90 strength to the game alongside Marcell Dareus, to what is the most dominant defensive line in the league.

We will be looking at each position ranking as they come out with any Buffalo Bills players that are fortunate enough to make the top five as well as the entire team ranking and see just how close they are.

So far Madden and EA Sports has gotten pretty much right on.  I remember a year where Kyle Williams was ranked in the 60s and this just a couple of years ago.  Glad to see that they are taking everything into account.

It will be interesting to see where they rank the Buffalo Bills quarterback situation and if EJ Manuel has improved at all or dropped some.

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