Buffalo Bills: Decision to be made on Aaron Kromer


Yesterday morning, Aaron Kromer was arrest for allegedly assaulting a minor, buy punching them in the face and then threatening him as well.  The charge falls into a misdemeanor battery charged.   The arrest occurred at 2 am Sunday morning.

"According to The Walton County Sheriff’s Office Kromer got into a confrontation with three boys over the use of beach chairs near an access point for Inlet Beach in Florida.The boys told deputies how Kromer became angry about them fishing and using the chairs. – Daily Mail"

Pretty much what it looks like is Aaron Kromer left his beach chairs on the beach and the three minors began using them.  If the stories are true, at this point Aarom Kromer confronted the kids because of the use of the beach chairs, his property, and at one point threw the minors fishing pole into the water, then pushed him down and punched him in the face.

Kromer then threatened the kid that if he told anyone about this, that he would “kill his family”.

Now these are all allegations and the facts may or may not be true, but in this case, the Buffalo Bills and the NFL have a decision to make on the future employment of Aaron Kromer.

The decision form the courts does not necessarily mean that the NFL will take that into account, we have seen in the past.

At first, I would expect that the NFL will place Aaron Kromer on a paid leave while the go through their fact finding mission and gather information.

The Buffalo Bills have the option to fire Kromer and at this point, by doing this, leave Kromer without a paycheck, even with the league’s prior decision to place him on a paid suspension.  He would no longer be an employee of the league.

What should the Buffalo Bills do in this case? Is it similar to that of a 22 year old player racing and crashing a car around a tree, or a drug charge of possession? Is it different because of the age difference, mid 40s versus 20s?  Is there a second chance for the offensive line coach, that the Buffalo Bills do need?

These are all questions that will be answered as the process unfolds and the true story comes out, if any different from the one we have heard.  It is all speculation based on the allegations, at this point, but we should have answer soon.

What are your thoughts on the incident. Should Aaron Kromer get a second chance if suspended or even fired from his position with the Buffalo Bills.  Should he even get a second chance in the NFL?

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