Buffalo Bills Have The Best WR Corps In League


At least that is what one player thinks as far as the company that he is sharing at the present moment with the Buffalo Bills receiving corps.  

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One Buffalo Bills receiver thinks that the Buffalo Bills have the best receiving corps in the league, that receiver, Caleb Holley.

"“I don’t see another receiving corps as good as this one,” Holley said, via The Buffalo News. “This receiving corps is tough.”– 247 Sports"

The Buffalo Bills have a solid group of receivers headed by Sammy Watkins, who could have a massive 2nd year with the Bills.  With Robert Woods and Chris Hogan solid receivers as your number 2 and 3 or 3 and 4, depending on how the breakdown works with the wild card at this point, Percy Harvin.

Harvin is the wild card in this mix and rounds out a nice top 4 for the receivers, but you just don’t know which Harvin you are going to get.  If Greg Roman can play to his strengths to help this offense out, then the Buffalo Bills would quite possibly have the best receiving corps in the league.

Caleb Holley is one of the players on the bubble for the Buffalo Bills, right now, and needs to bring something that the Buffalo Bills could use on the field.  While playing division 2 football, he was a deep threat for East Central (Oklahoma), and needs to provide that threat here for the Buffalo Bills to have a shot at making this team.

With The above-mentioned 4 receivers and Marcus Easley on the roster as a special teams specialist, there is really only 1 spot left for a couple of guys that are fighting for a place on the final roster of 53.  Will Caleb Holley be that 6th and final receiver? To early to tell, but he has the same shot as anyone at this point.

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