Tom Brady Might Be On Field In Week 2


Last week, Tom Brady and Roger Goodell had their lengthy, 11 hour, appeal that will determine whether or not the punishment will be upheld by the commissioner, or if it will be shortened, or taken away completely.

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If the NFL keeps with its normal process of information, we should expect to see something coming down the pipe at the end of this week as far as what the determination of punishment will be for Tom Brady and his involvement of deflategate.  But with Roger Goodell only suppose to get the appeal briefs by then, there maybe a delay in the decision from the league office.

With a delay possible and a decision not to come until mid to late next week, we can also assume that based on the decision, especially if it is anything but a slap on the wrist, Tom BRady and company will be appealing the decision.  An appeal on the decision will then send the process to the courtrooms with the league attorney’s and Tom Brady’s/NFLPA’s attorney’s duking it out in the courtroom, which usually takes months to have a decision made, Tom Brady will probably be on the field for week 2 against the Buffalo Bills if this course, which is the most likely one, is one that is taken.

Is it surprising, not really.   It is just another let down by the NFL and the discipline action that they take or don’t take on matters that should have been handled months ago.

Tom Brady will be on the field come week two, we know this, we also know that if any suspension is present an appeal will occur and it will be dragged out longer than it should be for a decision to be made that no punishment should have been determined and a fine will probably be the most Brady will get at this point.

The only thing that we can hope for is that the appeal and decision is upheld at least partially and the games that Brady misses could have playoff relevance later in the season.

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