Buffalo Bills Circling The Wagons: Jerome Felton, John Conner


Hope you have great plans for the weekend, and enjoy the weather.  The Buffalo Bills will start their mandatory mini-camp next week and then have a break before they start training camp.  This year is no different for the excitement and hype for the start of training camp.

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5 things to look for at mandatory minicamp

"Buffalo’s mandatory minicamp will get underway on Tuesday this week. They will be the final three practice sessions for the Bills before they take their five week break prior to training camp. There are some elements in all three phases of the team’s game that need to be sharpened or refined as the coaches try to get a clearer picture of just what they have on their roster heading into the final phase of preparations at St. John Fisher for the 2015 season."

The Biggest Mistakes of the 2015 NFL Offseason so Far

"Every NFL offseason is filled with pivotal decisions for team decision-makers around the league. While coaching staffs are working on early preparation for the upcoming seasons, general managers and other executives are busy managing rosters, making decisions on incoming and outgoing free agents, negotiating contracts and navigating the NFL draft. If they can make the right choices over the course of an offseason, these general managers will put their respective teams in position to succeed once meaningful games take place."

Buffalo Bills Will Utilize Their Elite Fullback Corps

"One of the most overlooked positions in the modern NFL is the fullback position. Not every team carries a fullback anymore, as teams prefer to put more skilled players on each roster. After all, most fullbacks are primarily used for blocking, so why keep them when a team can just roster an extra offensive lineman? I for one, am a fan of the fullback, as they can add versatility to teams with powerful run games and they work well as lead blockers. I also believe that the team with the best group of fullbacks in the NFL is the Buffalo Bills"

Bills Mailbag: Signing Mathis a long-shot

"Here’s what I have to say about what you have to say:@kensabre30 says: “Do the Bills have the cap room to take a run at Evan Mathis or is it something they aren’t considering, in your opinion?”"

Linebacker Preston Brown set to take command of Bills defense

"Rex Ryan reacts in mock surprise when reminded how young Preston Brown is, and the trust the Bills are placing in the second-year linebacker to command the huddle of their high-priced defense. ”Oh, gawd, I didn’t realize he was 22. I’m a little nervous,” the Bills new coach said. ”But no. He certainly has more of, I don’t know if mature is the right word. But he’s been around the game awhile.”"

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