Buffalo Bills Circling The Wagons: Matt Simms, Seantrel Henderson


The Buffalo Bills are halfway through their second week of OTAs.  How good will the AFC East be this year? Will Matt Simms provide a substantial amount of competition for the rest of the quarterbacks? Is Seantrel Henderson that good to move to left tackle?

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Just How Good Can The AFC East Be In 2015?

"The New York Jets haven’t made the play-offs since 2010. The Miami Dolphinshaven’t made the play-offs since 2008 and the Buffalo Bills haven’t made the play-offs since 1999. Two teams haven’t made the play-offs together in the AFC East since the Jets and Patriots did so in 2010. All four current AFC East members made the play-offs in 1998, and there is talk that two or more of the teams from the AFC East can make the play-offs in 2015. Is that likely? With the improvements being made in New York, Buffalo and Miami, it’s a very real possibility."

QB Simms took risk to continue NFL career

"Bills QB Matt Simms saw the writing on the wall in New York and made the uncommon decision to ask for his release from the club. Matt Simms had an NFL job as one of four quarterbacks for the New York Jets. Set to enter his third NFL season however, Simms didn’t like how his opportunity was playing out under new head coach Todd Bowles. Despite performing well in OTA practices, Simms saw his snaps cut significantly. He sought concrete answers for his status in the organization and after getting them he asked the club for his release."

Henderson joins mix at left tackle

"The Buffalo Bills are looking for two good offensive tackles. If they can be great, that’s even better. For now, though, good will suffice, given how bad the line played as a whole for most of last year. Can the Bills find good (or great) talent from the tackles on their roster?"

Can LeSean McCoy Survive Another 300-Plus-Carry NFL Season?

"Over the past several seasons, there haven’t been many more productive running backs in the National Football League thanLeSean McCoy. McCoy’s on a new team in 2015, but if reports out of Buffalo are to be believed, one thing is going to stay the same: McCoy is going to see the football a lot with the Buffalo Bills."

Can Bills benefit from avoiding QB deal like Cam Newton’s?

"If there’s one quote that stands out to me above all others from the Buffalo Bills‘ offseason, it’s from general manager Doug Whaley, not coach Rex Ryan. “When you don’t have a large chunk of your cap eaten up by a marquee quarterback you can spend it other ways,” Whaley said after re-signing defensive end Jerry Hughes in March. “We are going to be heavily invested in the defensive line. That is one of the ways that we are going to have to play to win with the makeup of our squad. Play good defense, run the ball and have the quarterback protect the ball. That is how we are building this team.”"

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