Buffalo Bills Are Not Interested In Signing Ray Rice


Recently rumors have been swirling around the internet that the Buffalo Bills are interested in signing former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. After a controversial domestic violence situation involving Rice and his girlfriend, Rice was suspended, then cut by the Ravens and is searching for a spot in the NFL. 

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Many analysts thought there could be a potential spot for Rice on the Bills roster, since Coach Rex Ryan voiced his approval of Rice’s talents to an unidentified NFL source in 2008.

"“[Rex Ryan] …thinks the world of him from their time together in Baltimore [in 2008]. He loves him. He doesn’t like him. He loves him.”"

But that is not the case. Buffalo is uninterested in signing this 5’8″, 212 pound back. Although Rice put up extraordinary numbers in his six seasons with the Ravens, many teams including the Bills do not want the trouble associated with signing him.

According to Yahoo Sports, ESPN.com’s Mike Rodak shot down rumors that Buffalo was interested in Rice.

"He said there’s no interest by the Bills in Rice, who infamously struck his then-fiancee in an elevator last year."

Ray Rice has had 6,180 total rushing yards in his six seasons in the NFL and has had four 1000+ yard seasons. In 2011, he lead the AFC in rushing touchdowns and has been voted to the pro-bowl three times during his career.

Rice is obviously a talented player that could benefit any team’s overall offense, but the complications and controversy that he would bring outweigh a couple extra rushing yards.

In my opinion, the Bills are looking more equipped this year in the running back position than they did last year anyways. This offseason, the Bills have not only picked up RB Lesean McCoy in a trade with the Eagles but have also signed RB Jerome Felton.

With these offseason additions, the Bills have no need for Ray Rice and the baggage that comes along with signing him.

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