Buffalo Bills Day 3 Options


The Buffalo Bills come into day 3 with 4 draft picks on their docket, will they use all, some or none of them?

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The Buffalo Bills have a 5th rounds, 2 6th rounds and a 7th round draft pick in place for today’s final day for the draft.  With their first two picks they addressed needs in the defensive backfield and the offensive line.  With 4 more picks they would be able to address the other depth needs they have at quarterback, linebacker, tight end, and defensive line.  But will they?

The depth as far as players go when they come up in the 5th round, will be thinned out in some of those positions, and the quarterbacks that they have been looking at should all be gone by that point.  A defensive lineman might be an option, Kyle Williams was a 5th round pick, but there will not be a lot of options when it becomes their turn later today.

They have the option of trading away their picks.  Doug Whaley has talked about trading their picks away for additional and earlier picks for next year.  This could be an option if they feel that next years draft class is set to be a deeper and better one than that of this years.  Stockpiling picks for next year will give them the ability to move up next year as well as they will have a little more ammunition to play with, as they will not be looking to make a big splash in free agency.

Another option would be to trade away their 4 remaining picks to move up in this years draft and get another viable depth option at one of the positions mentioned above.  Maybe this is where we see them go after one of the remaining quarterbacks that are still out there.

Even coming into day three, the Buffalo Bills have set themselves up with some possible options and are not stuck with only one direction that they can move.

It will be interesting to see which way they decide to go.

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