Shane Ray On Buffalo Bills Radar At 81st Pick


Shane Ray has recently been in the news, both in a positive and negative stand point.  He was once coveted as a top 5 player in the draft, and as a defensive end as well.  His stock is dropping dramatically.

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In Ray’s final collegiate game, he suffered a foot injury.  As the weeks had gone on, teams that were considering taking a look at Shane Ray, were growing increasingly concerned with the foot injury and his stock started to take a bit of a dip.  He might not have been a top 5 draft choice but he was still going first round.

His draft grade, 6.69, puts him in the range of being a potential pro bowl caliber player.  He is being compared to Chris Clemons as well.  He is quick and has the speed to get over the top of offensive lineman and create some havoc in the backfield, so it is no surprise why he is or was coveted by some teams.

His recent issues, the one stemming from this week, and choice of recreation products, has caused his stock to take a dramatic drop in value.  He went from top 5 to first round, now he is sitting as a possible late 3rd or 4th round pick.

This might actually help out the Buffalo Bills.  With a bad choice so close to the draft, and teams trying to distance themselves from players that can make bad decisions, the Buffalo Bills took a chance on Seantrel Henderson last year, a player that has top 5 talent, but made bad decisions and dropped from a first round to the 7th round, and could be one of the top right tackles in the league in a year or two.

With Ray dropping down to possibly the 4th round, he would be available for the Buffalo Bills come the 81st pick. Provide him with the same ultimatum that you gave Henderson and make sure he stays in line.  You then have Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes and Shane Ray as possibles for the defensive end spot, with one of them moving to linebacker in a 3-4, Ray or Hughes, and with Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams working this middle of the line.  Thought we had a killer line last year, check it out this year, with Ray as the addition.

Again, it is all based on 1 bad choice by 1 player, and it will cost you millions of dollars.  Here is a look at what one decision will do to the outlook of a player.’s draft player profile breakdown and then after the marijuana possession.

"It’s hard to find many play weaknesses for Ray, but his lack of overall length is one area that some teams have concerns about. He pursues the quarterback and the ball like it’s his last snap. An alpha male packaged in an explosive frame, Ray has the traits and skills to be a dominant pass rusher and potential Pro Bowler. He also has the athleticism and strength to play in any defensive front.–“This changes Shane Ray dramatically because it’s, to me, such a poor decision this close to the draft. It’s the decision making. What is this guy going to do on Friday or Saturday night before a big game? Is he going to make another poor choice like this? The timing is so bad, and the foot issue, tells me that this guy isn’t just dropping out of the first round, he’s dropping to the third or fourth round now,” Dominik said on Mike & Mike. “I know he’s dropping out of the first round. I don’t see any way he’s going in the first round.”–"

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