FanSided’s NFL Mock Draft 2015: Jameis Winston Goes #1


If you have followed Buffalowdown and FanSided for that matter, then you know that every year, FanSided gathers all of the NFL site editors together, by together I mean contact through a google doc and email, for an annual FanSided Mock Draft.  Each editor will pick when it is their turn, representing their team, and will select the player they think is most likely to go to their team.

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Now, within this mock draft, there are no trades so each team has to pick exactly where they are projected, which means that Buffalowdown, representing the Buffalo Bills, did not have a pick in this mock draft.  We are still going to break it down for you and look at some of the picks and where some players were projected to go and where they went.

The first overall pick went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and with the first pick, at no surprise, they took Jameis Winston, QB out of Florida State.

The second pick went to the Tennessee Titans.  They stayed on the offensive side of the ball and followed the Bucs with the next available quarterback in the draft and selected Marcus Mariota.

So both of the top quarterbacks are off of the board and we are only 2 picks in.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are next.  They head to the defensive side of the ball and take the first linebacker off the board and select, out of Clemson, Vic Beasley.

The Oakland Raiders take Leonard Williams and the Washington Redskins follow up with another linebacker, Dante Fowler, Jr. to round out the top 5.

I would say that if this top 5 went in this years draft, it would not be to bad of a start to the 2015 NFL Draft.

Let us drop down a couple of spots to where the Buffalo Bills would have been picking, 19th, and see exactly what the Cleveland Browns benefitted from getting out first round this year.

The Cleveland Browns went defense with their first pick in the opening round, 12th, and came back to address a need on the other side of the ball.  With the 19th overall pick took Malcom Brown, DT out of Texas.  This is a player that the Buffalo Bills could use as a depth player and to build for the future.

The Buffalo Bills would not have a shot at either of the two first quarterbacks and probably would be looking at defensive tackle or cornerback with the 19th pick overall.  They will still most likely be in the same mode, come the 2nd day of the draft when they will be on the cock for the 50th and 81st picks.

If you would like to see how the rest of the draft turned out, you can check it out here at FanSided’s With The First Pick.

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