Doug Whaley Preps Fans For Next Offseason


The Buffalo Bills had an exciting 2015 beginning of free agency and even moves before free agency started with the signing of Richie Incognito and the trades for LeSean McCoy and Matt Cassel.  Next year might not be as exciting for some fans.

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On the John Murphy Show last night, John had Doug Whaley on and asked him a question about free agency.

"John: “6, 7 weeks ago, first week of March, the Bills and you were incredibly active with trades and free agent moves and you pretty much made it clear that you can’t do that every year. You don’t want to do that every year, right?”Doug: “No, No, No, right now I tell people now that next year, the Buffalo Fans should just take vacation during free agency, but our free agency now, and this is because we drafted so well, it turns to our own players.  Marcell Dareus, Stephon Gilmore, Cordy Glenn, Nigel Bradham, that will be our free agency next year. We are going to turn into the Green Bay Packers.”"

If you look at the Green Bay Packers roster, just about everyone on their team currently has been drafted by them.  They develop their players and are smart about the players that they draft.  Julius Peppers is really the only player that stands out as a non-drafted Packer.  The Green Bay Packers are consistently in the playoffs and one of the top teams.

If the Buffalo Bills are able to move into that direction and create almost like a farm team to pull from when a veteran player decides to leave and there is little to no learning curve for the replacement player, they will also be consistently a strong team with contention in their sites every year.  It is a good model to follow and it requires smart and intelligent scouting and draft choices to create that type of atmosphere.  They will also create a place where veteran players will not want to leave either, which also helps to keep the same consistent winning style.

You can listen to the rest of the John Murphy Show here and see what else Doug Whaley and John talked about along with some other topics that were on tap for the show.

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