Buffalo Bills: 81st Overall Pick

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DT. nfl. Roy Miller. '09. player. 48.

Roy Miller

has been in the league since 2009.  He has played in 90 games and started 62 of them.  He has been able to come away with 136 tackles and 4 sacks in his time in the league.

WR. nfl. Early Doucet. '08. player. 32.

Early Doucet

played his entire 5 year career with his drafting team, the Arizona Cardinals.  During his 5 years in the league he was targeted 250 times and caught 139 passes for just over 1400 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Playing in 54 games, he started 14 of them.

31. . DT. nfl. Jay Alford. '07. player

Jay Alford

was taken in the 2007 draft by the New York Giants.  He was only in the league for 3 years, 2 with the Giants and 1 with the Raiders.  He had 3.5 sacks and 13 tackles in his 3 year career.

player. 13. . QB. nfl. Charlie Whitehurst. '06

Charlie Whitehurst

has been in the league for 6 years and is currently still in.  He has played for 3 teams, with the Chargers being on his road trip twice.  In his 6 years he has played in 22 games and started 9 of them.  He has a 2-7 record and has a 55.6 completion percentage.  He has 2131 yards on 189 completions with 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

player. 51. . OG. nfl. Richie Incognito. '05

Richie Incognito

was drafted back in the 2005 draft by the St. Louis Rams.  In 8 seasons, Incognito has played for 3 teams, including his second go around with his current team, the Buffalo Bills.  In his 8 seasons he has played in 102 games, he has also started in all of those 102 games.  In 2012 he was a Pro Bowl selection when he was with the Miami Dolphins.

The draft picks for the 81st overall selections, again, like the 50th overall pick, are primarily defensive with a couple of offensive lineman thrown in there.  There is a possibility to find a decent 3rd round pick that could stay in the league for  a couple of years, and it almost seems more so than the second round picks that we looked at yesterday.

Scouting will be the name of the game along with draft visits that we have not heard much about this year.  Buffalo has some options as to who they go with, but they will definitely be picking a defensive player in one of their first two picks in this years draft.

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