Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Linebackers


As we move closer and closer to the NFL draft, which will take place at the end of the month, we continue our look into possible prospects that the Buffalo Bills could take and look into when their time comes to pick on Day 2 in the 2nd and 3rd round.  

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The Buffalo Bills have a need at linebacker.  They traded Kiko Alonso away to bring in LeSean McCoy.  Kiko was absent last year due to an injury and was not missed.  Brandon Spikes is also, still, not signed by anyone and might be coming back but at this point we still have to look at the possibility that the Buffalo Bills will be moving forward without him.

As far as we are right now, the Buffalo Bills have a couple of linebackers that have proven themselves as starters in Nigel Bradham and Preston Brown.  With Jerry Hughes moving to the linebacker position as well, and Rex Ryan looking to run his coveted 3-4 defense, the Buffalo Bills don’t have another linebacker that will be able to step in and start all 16 games.  They have a couple of players that are more rotational players and can spell one of the starters for a play or two but not a full time guy.

As far as the draft goes, there are about 6 guys that the Buffalo Bills could look at as far as possible players to step right in and become that 4th linebacker, if Brandon Spikes is not brought back in a reduced role.  In reality you will only have 2-3 linebackers on the field as most offenses run spread formations trying to create match-ups, but having the 4th linebacker that can play is insurance in case of injury.

The draft is lined with a lot of talent at linebacker, but most of them are outside linebackers, the Buffalo Bills are in need of an interior linebacker to come up and stuff the run.  There is only 1 linebacker that is mocked to be drafted in the 1st round but not until the early 20s.  As far as interior linebackers, the run will occur in the second round, so the Buffalo Bills could be looking at a possible backer in the 2nd round on day 2.

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