Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Grady Jarrett


The draft is less than a month away. We are still in the defensive lineman breakdown for prospects that the Buffalo Bills should take a look at to begin to build for the future.

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The next prospect that we will take a look at is Grady Jarrett, out of Clemson. Jarrett has a draft grade of 5.81 which places him in the category of possibly being an NFL starter.

Over the course of 3 years 2012-2014, Jarrett finished with 29.5 tackles for losses. During those three years he was the start at nose tackle for Clemson.

Weighing in at 304 and standing 6’1″ tall he is on the smaller size for defensive tackles and nose tackles and that is one of his weaknesses is that he is undersized.

Some other strengths and weaknesses for Grady Jarrett are…

"Squatty ball of power. Has a compact, powerful frame and gets consistent push. Plays to the whistle and will chase plays to the sideline. Outstanding at timing snaps and getting into lineman first. His natural power and leverage is a nightmare for centers and taller guards. Protects himself against cut blocks and shows plus ball awareness.Undersized, despite his well-built frame. Relies on initial burst off snap to generate pass rush. Plays hard but will wear down in the fourth quarter.– NFL.com"

Grady Jarrett has been compared to Earl Mitchell who was with Houston from 2010 – 2013 and was with Miami last year. Mitchell was drafted in the 3rd round by the Texans with the 81st pick.

The bottom line is…

"Jarrett is built like a refrigerator, but he’s hardly a stationary player. He lacks the overall size to be considered as a nose by most base 3-4 teams, but he’s a perfect shade-nose fit for teams looking for a disruptor in a one-gap, penetrating front.– NFL.com"

As far as Grady Jarrett goes, I think there is potential for him to be a player in the NFL, I just don’t think that he will be able to fit in with the defensive scheme that the Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan is set to put into place.  Ryan has always had big defensive tackles, similar to Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams, and Jarrett does not fit in with that prototype.  Not a guy for the Bill to take in the draft, there are others that will fit in better with the defense that they are looking to run this coming year.

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