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The defensive tackle position for the Buffalo Bills is pretty well set for the next year or so.  If the Buffalo Bills get a long term contract in place for Marcell Dareus, then it is in better shape for the next couple of years. Kyle Williams will then look to be the first player replaced, and the Buffalo Bills need to begin to plan for that.  

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Michael Bennett, out of Ohio State, has a draft grade of 6.0.  As a grade of 6.0 goes, he is expected to be an NFL starter.  Bennett, is a possible prospect for the Buffalo Bills as he is not expected to go until the 2nd round, and could fall to them at the 50th spot.  Bennett has played the last 28 games for Ohio State.  With 3 sacks, 2 coming from the Big Ten CHampionship and 1 in the SUgar Bowl against Alabama, he shows up for big games.

At 6’2″ and weighing 293 pounds, he is on the small side of things as far as defensive tackles go, but has shown that he has the ability to overcome it.

Some strengths and weaknesses for Michael Bennett are…

"Great burst off snap, coming in low and looking to disrupt. Is always first with his hands. Good arm length for a player his height. Violent, active hands are his calling card. Uses powerful hands to snatch and pull guards off their spot. Gets initial pop and arm extension to stay clean and can shed. Plays with terrific technique. Has shoulder turn to make himself skinny and shoot gaps. Constantly changing angles post- snap, making it tough for linemen to get clean, sustained blocks on him. Tougher against double teams than most interior linemen his size. Efficient arm-over move to defeat centers quickly.Inconsistent motor at times, but that might be more fatigue-oriented rather than an effort issue. Will charge in headfirst and lose sight of running back. Sometimes defaults to garden variety hand-fighting when pass rush stalls. Can lose gas with too much wasted motion as a pass rusher — especially as a three-technique.– NFL.com"

Michael Bennett is compared to Mike Daniels, defensive tackle for Green Bay, who has played in 47 games and has come away with 14 tackles.  He started all games last year.

The bottom line for Bennett is…

"Bennett is a disciplined, intelligent player who is a fit for teams looking for an upfield disruptor. He relies on his initial burst, hand usage and technique to win at the point of attack. Bennett has the potential to dominate sluggish or weak guards, but might have issues with true power guards in the NFL.– NFL.com"

Michael Bennett is a true possibility for the Buffalo Bills at 50.  As far as guys that could be available, I like his ability and fit for the Buffalo Bills.  A little undersized, but will use technique to win in the trenches.  Bennett could be a rotational player for the Bills in his rookie year, and begin to take a more every down role for Kyle Williams in the next couple of years, if the Bills decide to go in this direction.

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