NFL Dismantles Television Black Out Rule


The Blackout rule that the NFL has imposed to protect it’s ticket sales is a thing of the past.  At least for now.  Last year, the FCC took a stand against the NFL’s imposed blackout rule that stated that a team had to have the game sold out 72 hours prior to the showing to ensure that it would broadcasted on the local television networks.

This year, the NFL has stated that there will not be a blackout rule to content with.  All the games will be televised locally no matter how many tickets are sold for the game.  The sport of football is becoming a television game of sorts.  People like to sit and watch the game at home and should not be punished for their team not being able to sell-out the game 3 days before hand.

Really that is all the NFL was doing, in a league where there is an increase in profits that are coming in, and an attempted expansion across the pond, with salary caps growing each year and television contracts going up as well, the only people that the NFL was hurting was the biggest participants within the teams viewing area, the fans.

With the FCC standing its ground last year, there were no blackouts for any of the teams.  Coincidence? I don’t think so.  This was a move that was a long time coming and the blackout rule was a 1970s rule that was long over due to be removed.

The NFL and teams are not forcing their fans to see the game if they want to or not, they are now allowing them fans to view the game wherever they want to. Whether it be at the stadium, a bar, or their home, this move will bring in more money for the NFL through TV rights.

In this day and age, the blackout rule was becoming obsolete.  If you have the fan following, you will have people in the stands.  A sold out stadium, does not necessarily speak for the team, it speaks about the fans of the team and the same goes for a stadium that is unable to sell out.

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