Buffalo Bills NFL: Chop Blocks Slowly Being Banished


The NFL competition committee is set to take the proposed rules list that the teams have suggested and determine which ones that they will be keeping as is or changing all together.  We looked at a couple of those yesterday.

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The competition committee is coming out with a rule change that the owners will be voting on to improve player safety, at least this is what the competition committee is stating it is.  And, truthfully, it is an issue in player safety.

The competition committee is looking to expand the rule change regarding the chop block.  This new rule would restrict the chop blocks even more so.  While the chop block is still legal in some aspects of the game and while blocking on the line, this particular rule is looking to eliminate the use of running backs engaging the knee area of a defensive lineman that is already engaged in a block outside of the tackle box.

While defensive lineman are pushing for a blanket rule to take all blocks that occur in the knee area out of the game, that won’t happen just yet.  The competition committee is trying eliminate the chop block completely from the game.

With blocking to the knee area, while a player is already engaged in a block that is above the waist does fall into the category of player safety, it is tough to see how the owners will vote this rule change down seeing as they are trying to promote player safety and provide enough evidence that the league is becoming safer each and every year.

This rule change should be a no-brainer for the owners to vote on, so expect to see this as a rule change that comes down the pipe in the next coming weeks.

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