Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Rob Havenstein


Moving on with our draft prospects and options for the Buffalo Bills in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 2015 NFL Draft, we keep with the offensive lineman avenue and take a look at offensive tackle Rob Havenstein.

Rob Havenstein is a 42 of 54 game starter that is out of Wisconsin.  He is known as the leader of that offense and has shown that he is able to keep his weight under control, if need be.  He came into Wisconsin at a staggering 390 pounds and was down to 330 by the time the Senior Bowl came around and lost 9 more pounds by the time the Combine was set to kick off.  He is 6’7″ and is currently 321 pounds.

During his time at Wisconsin, he was played at right tackle and was able to open up holes for running back Melvin Gordon.

Some of his strengths and weaknesses as per NFL.com’s draft player profiles are…

"Massive tackle with very functional length. Looks oafish, but feet are much better than the eye expects. Takes quick steps and good angles for proper positioning to wall off defenders on gap plays. Above-average power in run game and runs legs to create movement. Drive blocker by nature. Block winner at point of attack. Uses well-timed punch and has adequate foot quickness to set out to edge speed.Stiffness in knees causes him to come out of stance way too tall. Is almost never under the pads of opponent. Too often has to sumo wrestle at impact to get defender centered. Initial lateral quickness not good enough to count on him with back-side cut-offs. Keeps hands too low pre-punch. Unathletic build with zero bubble.– NFL.com"

The Buffalo Bills have a right tackle but can always use depth when it comes to the offensive line.  The have had issues in the past but for the Buffalo Bills to take Havenstein as their first pick at number 50 in the draft, there have to be a lack of tackles or other offensive lineman for that matter that are left.  I don’t see a lot of upside for him.

Here is the bottom line when it comes to Havenstein…

"Three-year starter who doesn’t look the part in his uniform, but teams should worry more about how the dish tastes rather than how it is plated. With surprising feet to pair with good length and balance, Havenstein has the tools to be a starting right tackle in the league. He will be adequate when asked to zone block, but he can fire out and use his hips to leverage defenders out of run lanes.– NFL.com"

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