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The Buffalo Bills have been quite active both before and during free agency.  While free agency still is not over and we have some time before the 2015 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills are slimming down on their available cap space that they can actually do something with.  The most recent acquisition was Charles Clay that hit the Buffalo Bills with 38 million over 5 years with 24 of that in the first two years. 

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This is where the Buffalo Bills stand as far as cap space is concerned and what they might still be able to do before the draft comes around in late April.

The 2015 NFL Salary Cap was set at $143,280,000.00 for this year.  The Buffalo Bills had a rollover cap from last year of $2,647,9078.00.  There was an adjustment of $145,977.00 which brought the total 2015 NFL Salary Cap to 146,073,884.00.

The Buffalo Bills currently have $134,902,419.00 in all of their active contracts.  Of the top 51 contracts currently on the roster, the Buffalo Bills have $125,962,419.00 tied up.

There is $3,223,320.00 that is already put aside for the 2015 NFL Draftees that the Bills will look to take.  Additional to that, there is over 7 million in dead money.  Dead money is classified as money that will stay with the team should the player be traded or released by the team.

With everything considered the Buffalo Bills are falling right below the cap with $142,222,935.00 used this year.  If they are just looking at the top 51 active contracts, as most of the others fall into the dead money area, the Buffalo Bills are sitting with $133,284,935 used within the cap and have a remaining balance of $9,565,629.00 in cap space, available to hit some more of the free agents up.

Although, the available cap of 9 million, does not have Charles Clay contract figured into it.  This would take upwards of 7.6M out from there and could possibly be more.  The 7.6M is the average cap hit over the length of the contract.

All information was taken from Spotrac.com.

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