NFL To Vote On Rule Changes Next Week


The NFL Competition Committee is set to meet next week to vote on a number of rules that could go into effect for this upcoming season.  In total there are 23 rule changes that are being proposed, 18 of them came from the teams and 4 bylaws are being considered for change as well.  Let’s take a look at just what some of these changes could be.

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"Instant replay made up the bulk of the suggested rule changes, with the first 13 proposals related to challenges and replay reviews. Plenty of these are bound to be shot down when put to a vote.–"

One of the rule changes is looking at removing the red flags form the game.  It states that the coaches would have to call a timeout to challenge a play and if the call goes in favor of the team calling the time-out, they would be able to earn the time-out back if the challenge is upheld.

Another proposal saw for penalties to be reviewable, this was proposed by the Detroit Lions, but does not expect it to pass.

"A less-aggressive proposal by the Tennessee Titans calls for all personal foul penalties to be reviewable through a coach’s challenge. TheRedskins made a similar proposal without asking for reviews to be tied to a challenge.–"

There were 13 total proposals that dealt with instant replay and variations of instant replay as to what could and should be reviewable during a game.

The Chicago Bears proposed that if a game heads into overtime then both teams would have a possession to try and score.  If both teams score a touchdown it would go to sudden death overtime.

A bylaw proposal would look to eliminate the player cut roster during the offseason from 90-75 players and just have a deadline for the rosters to go from 90-53 players.

The language within the rules will take a look at what constitutes a catch, and the wording may be changed, but it does not look like much will be effected with this change.

The Patriots were active with a number of proposals again this year…

"The Patriots were again active with suggested rule changes: New England proposed a tweak that would eliminate the ban on challenges in the final two minutes of the half and overtime.The Patriots also proposed fixed cameras on sidelines, end lines and goal lines to supplement those provided by broadcast networks. This is something Gregg Rosenthal and Around The NFL have been lobbying for since way back.Bill Belichick wasn’t done there. New England also proposed to push back PATs to the 15-yard line, with two-point tries staying at the 2-yard line. The Pats aren’t giving up this request–"

Another intriguing rule proposal came from the Indianapolis Colts, where they are looking for an additional point to come after a 2 point play.  They want to have, after a successful 2-pt conversion an extra point attempt to come from 50 yards out as an extra point per se.  Like the filed goal, in this case, it is a long shot.

What will come from the rule proposals in next weeks meeting.  There will be some changes that are made, and most of them will probably come from the instant replay aspect of it.  I can also see them getting rid of the red flags and working just with timeouts.  Same concept, except no hardware to worry about throwing and trying to find when you need to thrown it.

It is always interesting to see what changes will come about.  Keep an eye out for what the NFL will be instituting this coming year.

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