Buffalo Bills To Acquire Charles Clay, Miami Doesn’t Match


Per Reports, the Buffalo Bills will be acquiring TE Charles Clay as the Miami Dolphins have elected not to match the offer that the Buffalo Bills have put on the table for Clay.  

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Miami only took 2 days to determine that they did not want to pay Charles Clay 38 million over 5 years.  We all speculated over this when the offer was signed because if the Dolphins decided to bring back Clay, with them just signing Jordan Cameron to a 2 year deal, it would be more into the range of a luxury signing that a strategical signing.

The Dolphins can only be mad at themselves, if they are mad at all for losing Clay.  The had the option to put the moeny down form the start as well as an option of a franchise tag rather than a transition tag and it would have only been 1.3 more for the year with a franchise tag, still less than the Buffalo Bills are paying him as an average over the 5 years of the contract.

The contract is worth 38 million over 5 years with Charles Clay receiving 24 of them within the first two years and 20 million of the 38 is guaranteed money.

With all the moves that were made this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball, the Buffalo Bills and their fans can’t say that they didn’t try.  They spent money like money was no object, as we have all heard in the past, but this was the real deal.  The only other major need on the offensive side of the ball, with a questions mark still attached, would be the quarterback position.

With the weapons that the Buffalo Bills have, at this point, either Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel, or Tyrod Taylor have to just get the ball to one of these guys and the amount that they would even be dropping back would be fraction of the offensive plays that will actually take place.

A run heavy offense is the design and the Bills are only looking to drop back about 20-25 times a game.  This should dictate the pace of play and allow the Buffalo Bills to have a more effective passing game and not rely on it towards the end of the game but use it as a tool to keep the clock moving.

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