Buffalo Bills Still Need Interior Line Help


We have been so focused on the Tight End situation in Buffalo, that a need that is still a big concern is the offensive line.  The Buffalo Bills brought in Ritchie Incognito and have Cyril Richardson, Chris Williams and Kraig Urbik as their other options for the guard position that are currently on the roster.  

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The Buffalo Bills might need to look to add another free agent or go out and trade for one.  The other options on the roster, past Incognito, might not be good enough and could, in the end, hurt this offensive line production.

A couple of options that are still out on the market are James Brewer, Dan Connelly, and Vladimir Ducasse.  Of these three both Brewer and Ducasse are within 5 years of the the start of their careers.  Dan Connelly is the old man of the bunch who has been in the league for 9 years now.

As far as grading goes, Vladimir Ducasse is the best graded player at -14.1 overall with a -3.9 in pass blocking, a -0.5 in screen blocking and a -8.8 in run blocking.  Dan Connelly comes in with a -22.4 overall grading, a -20.8 in pass blocking, -1.0 in screen blocking and a -0.3 in run blocking, seems to be his strong point.  There are no grades for 2014 for James Brewer, he was on active for 2 games for the Giants last year.  In 2013, though, Brewer finished with an overall grade of -9.1.

None of the options on the free agent list, as far as these guys go, would make a lot of sense to bring in based on their grades.  Connelly, might be an option with his strenght in run blocking.

Of the current players on the Bills, Chris Williams finished the highest, but only played in a handful of games before getting injured, and graded out at a -6.9.  Kraig Urbik graded out at a -9.1 and Cyril Richardson graded out at a -13.7, which is still better than the three that are on the market right now.

Another option would be to trade for another guard. An option out their might be Evan Mathis, that Philadelphia is shopping around.  Buffalo already traded with the Eagles this offseason to bring in LeSean McCoy, could it be possible for them to bring in one of his lineman as well.  Mathis graded out as the 2nd highest guard in the league with a +25.8 overall.  A +7.5 in pass blocking, +0.5 in screen blocking and a +17.3 in run blocking.

Trading might be the way to go, but what else would the Eagles require to get a guy like Evan Mathis off of their hands?

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