Jordan Cameron Signs With Miami, Charles Clay Back In Miami


Jordan Cameron signed with the Miami Dolphins for 2 years worth a total of 15 million.  This contract was the actual contract that he was set to sign Thursday afternoon with his former team the Cleveland Browns.  A last minute change saw Cameron signing with the Miami Dolphins.  

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It is reported that Miami does not intend to lift the transition tag on Charles Clay and are still interested in retaining his services as well.

The Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns are in the hunt for Charles Clay and his versatility.

With Miami signing Jordan Cameron, does this leave the door open for the Buffalo Bills to come in and make Clay an offer that he can’t refuse? Or with Clay returning to Miami yesterday, does this mean that he is ready to sign back with the Miami Dolphins?

Charles Clay spent two days with the Buffalo Bills and a offer did not come through.  Doug Whaley’s last report was that the Buffalo Bills were determining if they wanted to provide Clay with an offer to take back to Miami.  This to me does not sound like a definite.  That they, the Buffalo Bills, are mulling over their decision on whether or not to offer Clay a contract.  If they have to consider if they want to, then there has to be something there that just is not sitting well with them.

Either way, if something is going to happen with the Buffalo Bills and Charles Clay, or even the Cleveland Browns, it should be happening today.  Does Miami have the funds to match, don’t know until an offer is made.

This could also have been a move by the Miami Dolphins to drive the price up on Charles Clay and make either the Buffalo Bills or Cleveland Browns offer more than they want to get Clay’s services.

Earlier this morning via twitter as reported by WGR 550, Charles Robinson form Yahoo Sports has reported that the Buffalo Bills will be making an offer to Charles Clay either today or tomorrow, Saturday, and that the Buffalo Bills feel that they will be able to sign him without a Miami match.

Stay tuned to the latest and breaking news on the Charles Clay developments as well as any other moves that the Buffalo Bills are set to make.

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