If Buffalo Bills Don’t Sign Charles Clay, Who Is Next


Charles Clay made a visit with the Buffalo Bills on opening day of free agency and at this point, he is still a free agent.  With each day that passes, the window to sign Charles Clay slowly closes.  

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The Cleveland Browns have been rumored to be interested in Charles Clay as well and if Clay leaves Buffalo without an offer or one that he won’t even consider, it could be over for the Charles Clay experience.

Miami will still have the option to match the offer so, if Clay won’t even consider it, then it is quite possible the Dolphins would be able to match it.

So what happens if the Buffalo Bills do not nab Charles Clay? Who would be the next viable option for Rex Ryan and Greg Roman to bring in to suit their needs.  Jordan Cameron might not be available if Miami has written off Clay and signs Cameron, who is rumored to be visiting the Dolphins at some point this week.

After these two tight ends, the next rated tight ends on the market are Jermaine Gresham, Rob Housler, Zach Miller, Owen Daniels and Anthony Fasano.  After Fasano, we hit Scott Chandler, who the Buffalo Bills just set packing yesterday, which I would have thought meant that an announcement would have been made shortly after that an offer sheet was provided to Charles Clay, but nothing as of yet.

Out of those 5 that would be possible choices, Owen Daniels grades out as the highest ranked TE at a -0.9.  He did grade positively in passing and pass blocking.  He graded negatively in run blocking.

Jermaine Gresham was the next highest graded TE at -3.5 and only graded positively out at pass blocking with a +2.3.

Scott Chandler graded out at a -7.8 with, just like Gresham, only grading positively at pass blocking, but the next on the available list would be Rob Housler with a grade of -8.2 without grading positively anywhere.

Jordan Cameron is actually next with a grade of -10.2 and Anthony Fasano came in as the last graded ranked player through PFF with a -14.6.  The last two did not grade positively in any category.

Now some food for thought, Vernon Davis, Greg Romans former TE and one that was productive, graded out a -15.8 but did grade positively in the pass blocking game with +1.2.  Vernon Davis was actually the second worst TE graded in the pass game but was one of the top pass blocking TEs.

Of this group of TEs, the top graded TE in the run blocking category, which is something that they need to consider was Jermaine Gresham, coming in at a -0.3.  This did not count Charles Clay in the figuring, who had graded positively in all categories except for the pass blocking category in which he fared with a -2.9.

Is there an option to replace Charles Clay if he does not sign with Buffalo or if Miami matches? Out of this group, there is not a comparable player to Charles Clay, but it has been rumored that the Buffalo Bills are interested in Anthony Fasano if Clay is not locked down.

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