Buffalo Bills Playoffs Hinges On Selling Out


Being a Buffalo Bills fans is hard work. It takes a love and passion unmatched by any fan base in the NFL.  Every Bills fan dreams of seeing Buffalo Bills Playoffs scroll across the screen, but is the current trend the right way of making that happen? It all depends on your point of view. There is something to be said about just making the playoffs, and if that does happen there will be parties in the streets. My concern is I’ve heard some say that the Bills are selling out this season just to make it into the playoffs. I can see how that could be said, but as we all know once your team is in anything can happen.

The Bills have lined up two trades, and both may be more of a short-term patch job. Adding Matt Cassel and LeSean McCoy is not going to win you the Super

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Bowl, but it could be just enough to make a run at a Wild Card spot. As exciting as making the playoffs would be, however I’m more interested in a larger plan. Simply being good enough to get in is not good enough. The goal is larger or so fans are told. Rex Ryan and the Pegula’s have made it know that they want to build a winner.

This is not how you build a winner. This off-season has been a lesson in how to sell out to make fans happy. I fully understand that the market is thin and the needed talent may not be available. But, with the NFL draft being set up as it is I’m not sure just getting in is really the best move for a rebuilding franchise. No,    not saying tank like the Sabres. I’m saying keep a real point of view and realize this roster is not a champion roster. Yes, the Bills defense is great, and their special teams is very good, but until the offense resembles a top-level NFL offense I don’t see a Super Bowl run happening soon.

It will take time to gather the information and data to make the right call on how things play out in Buffalo, but if this off-season is how the Pegula’s are going to run a NFL team I’m not for it. I have next to zero interest in being a fringe team that has to take players that may or may not have been unwanted by their

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former team.

For those of you that bleed Blue and Red I’m sure you think I’m a way off base here. Maybe so, but I’m trying keeping a real view on how this looks. Right now on the surface it looks like the Bills front office is tossing the fan base a bone, and saying we will get back to the playoffs and for now that will be good enough.

This is not all the Bills fault; the “sell out” is a direct result of today’s NFL. Teams are forced to scratch and claw their way out of the gutter in an attempt to be taken seriously. Hopefully Bills fans can finally look at their team and say “Buffalo Bills Playoffs” and smile.

With all of that being said my question to fans is this:

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