NFL Might Have Roster Changes Coming


Each and every year, the league has annual meetings and pre-meetings and owners meetings.  The latest pre-league to happen is that of the competitive committee.

The competitive committee is looking to make a couple of changes this year, but one that might and will have an immediate affect on teams and money is the changing of the roster size of each team.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Competition Committee is considering expanding rosters from 53 to 55.–"

Each team would be allowed to sign 2 more players to their active rosters.  In the past this has been looked at, but has always been voted down.  The main reason, not enough money available to pay the 53 players on a roster.  With rookie players being a lot cheaper because of the rookie wage scale and more teams signing rookie talent and foregoing the veteran experience, it was easier to stay under the cap.  With the cap space and available money growing throughout the league, adding two more players to the roster should be well within the budget.

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The NFL Players Association, NFLPA, will still have to approve this if it is even agreed upon, but there should not be any major issues from them.  Adding two more spots to each roster will increase the size of the NFLPA “employees” from 1696 to 1760.  Now more “employees” will have to split the available budget just a little bit more but with a budget of around 4.5 billion, there is sure to be some extra scraps to throw at the 2 extra players that could be added to the teams.

Last year the rosters changed as well, adding spots to the practice squad to allow teams to carry 10 players on their practice squads rather than just 8.  This added 64 more jobs, and at a minimum of 6,300 salary per week, it added an additional 107,000 per year per player to the bottom lines of the teams.

This change, if approved, won’t necessarily add more to the bottom line for each team, but teams might have to begin to get creative if they are coming close to the cap with some of their higher paid players.  Can we say restructuring might be in the near future of some of the higher netting contracts? I think so.

I like the idea of expanding the rosters.  It will provide an extra 2 spots for players to get that second chance that some of them need to get their careers off the ground.  You never know, could be that undrafted rookie that is that additional spot that becomes the face of the franchise.

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