Buffalo Bills Jerry Hughes And The Ndamukong Suh Effect


The NFL Franchise and Transition Tags are due to be completed today.  This means that if the Buffalo Bills and Jerry Hughes don’t come to a long term agreement on a contract, the Buffalo Bills can extend the relationship for an additional year and give them another go around with Hughes and his agent to come to terms long term. 

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It is being reported that Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions will not be coming to an agreement and the Lions will not be using the franchise tag on Suh as he would command a franchise tag amount of almost 27 million dollars for next year.

Now with a franchise tag, the players are due the average of the top 5 salaries at the same position or 120% of their previous years salary, which ever is greater.  For Suh, 27 million is quite a bit more than the top 5 averages.

Jerry Hughes made 3.9 million last year.  A 120% increase would put Jerry Hughes in the 4.7 range for salary.  The good news for Jerry Hughes is that that is far lower than the top 5 averages salaries for defensive ends, which comes in at 14.78 million.

For the Buffalo Bills, signing Hughes to a long term deal will save them money up front and in the long run as well.

Will Ndamukong Suh have an effect on others that might be in a similar boat? It is possible, but for Suh most likely hitting free agency in just over a week, and probably not coming back as a Lion, what he will receive on the free agent market will be less than the 27 million that he would have gotten with the franchise tag, but he will definitely set a preference for defensive tackles and it will not have an effect on Jerry Hughes and the Buffalo Bills, but it will certainly have an effect on Marcell Dareus and the Buffalo Bills when they get into contract talks next year, where the Buffalo Bills will make an attempt to lock up Dareus for an extended period of time.

The time frame for franchise tags and transition tags to be utilized has a count clock that ends today at 4 PM.

Stay tuned to find out what Jerry Hughes and the Buffalo Bills finally make a decision on? Will the Bills lock him up for the next couple of years, or will he get tagged and possibly only be around for another year at higher price tag?

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