Buffalo Bills Calculated Move With Jerry Hughes


We are 1 hour away from the deadline for the franchise and transition tags to be placed, if they are going to be.  If not a player needs to be under contract or will be set to hit the market in less than 2 weeks.  As I sit here coming the sports pages for the Buffalo Bills and wondering what if anything will happen, a thought comes to mind.  

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As I see the non-exclusive tags being used, I get an idea.  The Buffalo Bills should, if they can not get Jerry Hughes under contract, place a non-exclusive franchise tag on Jerry Hughes.  What this won’t do is it will not lower the amount of money that Jerry Hughes will be getting.  He still will be entitled to the average of the top 5 salaries at his position or 120% of the previous years salary, but we already know that they top averages, will be more than his 120% increase in salary from last year.

What this will also do will allow Jerry Hughes to actively search for a team to offer him a contract to his liking.  If Hughes is able to find a buyer with the offer sheet, the Buffalo Bills will have the option to match and will only have 7 days to decide on whether or not to match the offer.  If the Buffalo Bills decide to match the offer on Jerry Hughes, Hughes will be a Buffalo Bill for at least one more year making the 14.78 million.

If the Buffalo Bills decide not to match the offer from the other team, they will receive, as compensation, 2 first round picks.  Depending on when this offer is placed on Hughes, if one ever is, will depend on what 2 first round picks the Buffalo Bills could receive.  If the offer if made on Jerry Hughes at least 7 days for the draft, then the Buffalo Bills will secure a first round pick for this year as well as next year.  If it is after the draft then it will be for a first round pick in 2016 and 2017.

The Buffalo Bills could walk away from this with 3-4 first round picks in the next 2-3 years depending on when an offer is made on Hughes, but the key is that an offer has to be made.  If one is not then the player will have to decide to hold out and not play or accept the first offer that was placed.

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