Buffalo Bills Lose Josh McCown, Sam Bradford Next


The Buffalo Bills are in the process of attempting to find another quarterback or two to bring in to help out with providing some type of spark to this mediocre offense.

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In their quest to find the next leader of this team, from under center, they had brought in 12 year veteran Josh McCown.  After their first meeting a week ago, Josh McCown left Buffalo without even talking numbers.

In between the time that McCown had left Buffalo and come back, he had met with two other teams, one of which was the Cleveland Browns.  During the past couple of days, both the Browns and Bills were in the process of trying to secure the services of McCown for their team.

Ultimately, Josh McCown decided to give it a go with the team from Ohio.

Where does this leave the Bills at this point?

The Buffalo Bills now have to move on to their back up plan as to who might fit in with the Bills and Greg Roman’s offensive scheme.

With Cleveland landing McCown, the first thought would be for the Bills to look towards Brian Hoyer as the Browns won’t be needing his services at this point and with Johnny Manziel there, they obviously are all set at the quarterback position.

Another option would be the trade route option to bring in Sam Bradford from the St. Louis Rams.  I personally think that the Buffalo Bills and Sam Bradford would be a good fit. I like the potential that Bradford brings even with the injuries that are tailing behind him.  I think that he has the best up side for the Bills and this offense.

If Sam Bradford is not your guy, another possibility would be the acquisition of Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez would probably be the best fit with Rex Ryan seeing as they have worked together for a number of years out of New York and they both have been to the playoffs together as well as have been successful in the post season.

The Buffalo Bills need to do something as EJ Manuel is not the answer at this point and might not ever be the answer for the Bills.  A decision needs to be made soon, so the direction of the team is set and the rest of the pieces can begin to fall into place.

Without a decision on a quarterback being made, it could very well hurt other free agent acquisitions that the Bills may be pursuing.  The right quarterback in place could attract other free agents that in the end might not have considered the Bills otherwise.

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