Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan More Aggressive


Jan 14, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan speaks during a press conference as team president Russ Brandon and owner Terry Pagula look on at ADPRO Sports Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills made a move and brought in a player friendly coach in Rex Ryan.  Ryan is also a lot more aggressive than Doug Marrone was in his style and play calling.

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  • Doug Marrone was a very vanilla coach with a similar style and attitude on the field.  I don’t think I saw a lot of emotion at any point during most of the games.  I personally like to see the coach get into it with the players and the officials.  It shows that the coach cares and wants to win and be successful.  Emotions is part of the game and I know that they need to be in check, at times, but there are other times when the emotion needs to fly.  It also shows the players that you are with it and are behind them when there are bad calls on the field.

    Rex Ryan is an in your face type of guy and this team needs that kinda of push.  The offense was very vanilla and whether or not it was because of Doug Marrone holding Nathaniel Hackett back or if it was the personnel, it doesn’t matter at this point, what matters is that it was a vanilla offense that went along with the coaching staff.

    Rex is going to bring another level of emotion to this team and the aggressive nature will also come out as well.  Ryan was asked about the last play of the game during the Super Bowl and his response is what most people have been saying.  Rather than waiting to score on 3rd or 4th down and wasting a play as Pete Carroll was looking to do, Ryan stated that he would have run the ball.

    "What about the final play call, where the Seahawks were intercepted at the Patriots’ goal line instead of running Marshawn Lynch?“I’m not gonna get into that… we would’ve run it,” said Ryan.– wkbw.com"

    I am excited to see what the Buffalo Bills will do on the field this year. There were many a time, sitting watching them on a 4th and short or even a 4th and 5 or 6, that I would have love to see a little creativeness come out and they attempt a fake or even go for it on 4th down.  Teams that don’t take risks, will not be rewarded and I think that Rex Ryan is a coach that will take those risks to get the rewards and bring a winning team back into the city of Buffalo.