Rex Ryan is the right man for the job


“Is this thing on? Because it’s about to be” Rex Ryan remarked to start off his first press conference as head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Ryan, the former head coach of the New York Jets showed all of western New York and the entire NFL why he is the right man for the job during his first days in Buffalo.

Last week I wrote an article stating that I was endorsing Rex Ryan for the head coaching position for the Buffalo Bills. Many thought I was crazy while others agreed with me. I outlined exactly why I wanted the Pegula’s to hire Rex. When it was announced on Sunday morning that he had been hired by the Pegula’s I was ecstatic.

If you have never listened to a Rex Ryan speech than you are doing yourself a serious injustice. Ryan is just the type of motivator that the Buffalo Bills need. All of Rex’s former players will tell you straight up that they would run through hell and back for the man. That alone is quite a contrast from the mundane, uninspiring, and boring Doug Marrone.

Rex Ryan led the Jets to the AFC Championship game twice and had great success in his first few seasons in New York. While the last two did not go well, his players never stopped playing hard. Rex was hampered by an incompetent general manager, an aging defense that lost many of it’s stars to retirement or free agency, and a horrible lack of offensive play makers. While the head coach is ultimately responsible for how his team performs, it does not help when your general manager refuses to spend money to address the items you need fixed for success.

Rex Ryan inherits an amazing defense in Buffalo that he will only make better. This alone will me an improvement over the unnoticeable cast of characters he had to work with in New York the past few seasons. Rex might not be the best offensive wizard in the league, but his new offensive coordinator Greg Roman will help build the perfect offense to compliment Rex’s defense.

Rex Ryan said it himself in his press conference (taking a shot at Mr. Magoo Doug Marrone in the process): the Bills needed a loyal coach. The Bills need a coach that will work just as hard as they will. The Bills are a hungry team that won 9 games and could have won 11 had a few bounces gone their way this season. When you add a huge upgrade like Rex Ryan to that equation you know you will have success.

What the Bills ultimately do to solve the quarterback equation is yet to be figured out. However, we as Bills fans can relax knowing that we have owners, a general manager, and now a head coach who will all work together to put the best product on the field that they can. To say that the Bills will be a favorite to make the playoffs next season would be a huge understatement.

If you have not watched the Rex Ryan introductory press conference  yet than you need to. He will have you pumped up and ready for next season to start already. Rex’s swag will be contagious in the Bills locker room and a team that lacked confidence will now be oozing it out of their veins. The Buffalo Bullies will be a force to be reckoned with next season.