Bills vs Browns Game Review and Game Balls


I realize that this post might be a bit late in the week, but I have found myself reeling after spending the weekend in Buffalo and watching the Bills demolish the Browns on Sunday. That being said, Sunday was a huge win for the Bills. They now find themselves 8th in the AFC and only a tiebreaker out of the 6th and final playoff spot.

So, was Sunday perfect or what? The Bills defense totally dominated the Browns on Sunday. The offense struggled for the first half, but the defense held the Browns to only 3 points and kept the Bills in the game long enough for them to finally impose their will on Cleveland and win the game. Not to mention that we got to see Kyle Williams lay out Johnny Manziel for a “should have been fumble touchdown”. I find it humorous that everyone has been clamoring for “Johnny Football” to take over as the Browns starting quarterback this week. If the officials had got the call right he would have given the Bills 7 points on a terrible fumble. Hey, whatever!

A little more than 2 weeks ago and the Bills sat at 5-5 and were coming off 2 terrible losses that had likely sucked all hope out of their playoff hopes. Now they are 7-5 and VERY much alive in the AFC playoff picture. The Bills have a very difficult schedule in December, but if the defense keeps playing like that, than the 14 year playoff drought in Buffalo might very well be on it’s way out the door.

Sunday’s game had many heroes that helped the Bills lay the wood to the Browns, but who stood out? Let’s hand out our weekly game balls:

1) Jerry Hughes – The play that Hughes made for his fumble recovery and touchdown was spectacular. Not many players in the NFL can make that play, and that includes the overrated and over-mentioned JJ Watt. Hughes is earning himself a massive contract in the off-season. And if you’re the Bills, how do you not pay him?

2) Da’Norris Searcy – Searcy has been the brunt of some much deserved criticism lately for his blown coverage and assignments in recent weeks, but he was on his “A” game on Sunday. Searcy had 2 interceptions and very well could have had 2 more. Searcy also nearly had a fumble recovery if not for a reversal from the officials. Searcy was huge Sunday and the Bills need him to keep performing at this level if they want to make the playoffs.

3) Robert Woods – Woods grab on 4th and 3 in the 3rd quarter was out of this world. For the second week in a row Woods has made spectacular grabs and been Kyle Orton’s go to guy. Woods is once again showing the flashes of greatness that he displayed last year in his rookie campaign. If Woods keeps playing like this he makes it awfully difficult to defend both he and Sammy Watkins.

4) MarQueis Gray – Gray has been on 5 NFL teams in the past 2 seasons and had been a member of the Bills for all of about a week before he put up 71 yards on 2 catches Sunday. Gray showed Bills fans just what the offense can accomplish with a dynamic tight-end. If Gray can continue to absorb the playbook and progress in the offense than the Bills may have found themselves a diamond in the rough. But, for one week, Gray showed huge promise and potential.

5) Kyle Williams – Williams had a huge sack to push the Browns out of field goal range after a Kyle Orton interception to start the 3rd quarter. Williams also demolished Johnny Manziel on a what should have been fumble/touchdown/sack. Williams is a huge presence in the middle of the defensive line and nearly unblockable at times due to the presence of Jerry Hughes and Mario Williams on the outside.

For one week things could not be much better in Bills land. It’s December, the Bills are still in the playoff hunt, and they have a huge game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday. If asked before the season if they thought that this Sunday’s game would be important, I think that most Bills fans would sign up for that. Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, it’s fun to know that the Bills are still a playoff contender in December.