Buffalo Bills Week 13 Outlook


Nov 24, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Buffalo Bills fans cheer in the stands after a touchdown during the third quarter against the New York Jets at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills got a much needed win this past Monday in Ford Field against the New York Jets.  They were able to make it to the end zone a couple of times which was lacking they past couple of games.  The Bills didn’t get a lot of help this past week from anyone, but the Dolphins did lose, but the Bills don’t have a great AFC record so they are losing a lot of the tie breakers.

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Here is an outlook for this Thanksgiving week and the rooting guide for you Buffalo Bills.

The first key is that the Bills need to win this game no matter what.  If they lose to another AFC team that is ahead of them, then we might as well all pack in our bags and call it a year and at that point EJ Manuel should get the remaining starts.

Bills have to beat the Browns.

The New York Jets.  We are going to need some help from the Jets.  The Bills need them to beat the Miami Dolphins this week.  they have been inconsistent but hopefully they can find their way this week against the Dolphins and grab a W.

The Bills need the Broncos to beat the Chiefs this week.  The Broncos are already in a playoff spot so a win from them will not make a major impact on the Bills this week but the Chiefs losing will as with a head to head matchup the Chiefs have our number so the only way we move ahead is with a better record.

Green Bay and the Patriots is not a game that plays into the scenario much, but root for Green Bay just out of spite.

The Bengals and the Buccaneers.  We really need every AFC team to lose this week, even though the Bengals are sitting with a playoff spot as a division winner, or at least projected, just for good measure we want the Bengals to lose. Let’s go Mike Evans!

The last two games Baltimore versus the Chargers and the Titans versus the Texans.  The first game is difficult to choose, but with a loss to the Chargers we would need the Ravens to win this week.  The same comes into play for the Titans and Texans.  A lost to the Texans early on in the season requires us to root for the Titans and a victory.

As with anything, record matters and will be the ultimate help the Bills need and they are the best help for themselves.  They need to win this week. Plain and simple.