Should The Bills Go After RG3?


Robert Griffin III has been benched again. He is having confidence problems, and doesn’t seem comfortable in Washington. Maybe the Buffalo Bills should bring in RG3 next year.  The idea may not be as crazy as you think.

It’s no secret that the Bills are in need of a true starting quarterback, and no offense to Kyle Orton or EJ Manuel, but they are not the long-term answer. With that being said bring in RG3 is more about creating a healthy competition and if the Bills truly think a read option is the way to go they need a more mobile athlete calling the shots on the field. It’s worth pointing out that Griffin has had injury problems and is not the star he once was, but the flip side to that is the Bills may have a more talented roster and that could have RG3 shining again.

Griffin is under contract through the 2015 season and will carry a cap hit of 6,719,713. If you look at this as a yearlong try out it’s not a bad hit, also given the fact that Buffalo doesn’t have a first round pick RG3 could be a solid choice. Yeah, I know; maybe I’m nuts but let’s be realistic. Every option is worth looking at. Griffin is only 24 years old and due to injuries and now beaching he hasn’t had much time on the field.

As far as trading for Griffin; it’s going to take the Bills 2nd round pick and maybe a few later round picks as well. But, the writing seems to be on the wall in Washington; they are done with the kid. This is not the first time the idea of RG3 has come up in Buffalo, but the timing seems right to give this a hard look. The Bills have new owners in Terry Pegula and his wife Kim, and they will be looking to shake things up.

Frankly despite the Bills record our QB play has been average, and not good enough to break into the real playoff hunt.  Orton was and is an upgrade from Manuel, but other than being a safe choice and having enough talent to win games IF everything goes right he is not the long-term starter.

I’ll be honest I’m not a RG3 fan, but I’d be willing to put that aside if he can help the Bills finally get back in Super Bowl talks, or heck just make us a contender in the AFC. As we know there are things that you cannot teach, and RG3 has some of that, but he wouldn’t come without risk.