Behind Enemy Lines: The Jets Press


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) and the Bills offensive unit line up against the New York Jets defense during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills will face off against the New York Jets tomorrow.  To help get an inside view of the Jets and what we might expect to see from Gang Green, here is an interview that took place with one of The Jets Press staff writers; Craig Hoffman.

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"1.  Geno Smith has had some issues during the season but looked to be on against the Patriots last week.  Has he turned the corner or was it a fluke?1) I think that Smith does well when he uses his feet and avoids the rush & gives himself better passing lanes and that is what he did against New England. When he scrambles that slows up the pass rush and Smith’s negative plays come from being pressured. I think Smith will play well on Sunday.2. The Jets have seemed to have the Bills number lately on the ground.  With  Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory in the backfield going up against the Bills stout run defense, who wins that battle?2) The Bills have an excellent front 7 and do a good job against the run but I think the Jets will be able to run the ball. They won’t run for 200 yards like they did against the Patriots but they will move the ball with Chris Ivory between the tackles and Chris Johnson and now Percy Harvin running sweeps. The Jets will run a lot of read option with the ability to give it to Ivory, Harvin, Johnson or have Smith keep it. That’s a lot for any defense to digest. The more a defense has to think the slower they act and that is what helps the Jets be successful.3. Who has been the biggest disappointment so far during the season for the Jets?3) What’s been most disappointing has been the offensive line play, especially the key penalties. The Jets have gotten very poor guard play from Brian Winters (out for the year), and Willie Colon. They are relying on 2nd year converted tackle Oday Aboushi to play left guard. He did a serviceable job vs NE but a key holding penalty in the red zone stalled a drive. He will certainly be tested against Buffalo’s stout line.4. Who has been the biggest surprise for the Jets through week 7?4) The most surprising part is the development of Chris Ivory. Ivory has always been a 5 yard per carry runner that runs violently but is quicker than he is given credit for but he has had stone hands, until this year. In his 4 year career before this year Ivory had a total of 5 receptions. This year he has 12 receptions in 7 games and very few drops. Ivory is hard to bring down in the open field so getting the ball to him is bad news for a secondary.5. What is your prediction of the game and score?5) Bill Parcells says you are what your record says you are but even he would say the Jets are better than 1-6. If it wasn’t for an official granting a timeout to someone ineligible to call one in Week 2 which prevented the tying touchdown, or a fumble return for a touchdown against Chicago that was blown dead incorrectly or one of multiple touchdowns called back by penalty or a key turnover at exactly the wrong time the Jets would be around 3-4 or 4-3 but alas they aren’t and bad breaks happen to everyone. That being said if there is one thing to say about the Jets-Bills in recent years is the team that is feeling good about itself usually loses, especially on the road. Sunday will be no different. The Jets will get a turnover they are overdue for, some better play on special teams and better offensive play with the debut of Harvin. That will lead to a 27-20 Jet victory."