How Percy Harvin Trade Could Affect Bills


Oct 12, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver

Percy Harvin

(11) during pre game warm ups prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin was traded to the New York Jets, this past Saturday, from the Seattle Seahawks, for a mid-round pick which is conditional and could end up being either  4th or 6th.

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The Percy Harvin trade is one that lands as a surprise at this point, but if you have been paying attention to Seattle lately, you would know that Harvin has not been a happy camper in the Northwest.  Harvin has been called a time bomb and  has been known to get into fights with teammates.  His attitude has also been claimed as an issue both on and off the field, most recently being stated that he refused to go into the game in the 4th quarter against the Dallas Cowboys, which turned out to be a lost 30-23.

What does Percy Harvin bring to a struggling New York Jets team that the Buffalo Bills need to watch out for.

To add Harvin, the Jets released former Buffalo Bills player David Nelson.  The Jets have been in the market to increase their speed and big play nature adding both Chris Johnson and Eric Decker, but have not had any success.  T.J. Graham is also a part of the speed aspect for the Jets.  Harvin will bring the speed as well as help out the Jets offense and special teams in a couple of different ways.  First on special teams, he adds a speed weapon to returning kicks.

On the offensive side of the ball, you do have to watch out for his upside and play making ability, even though he has not been doing much lately.  With his speed and the Jets a proponent to running the wildcat, look for Harvin to lineup in the backfield in the wildcat, which I absolutely hate as an offense.

Harvin will also take pressure off of Eric Decker, as he will draw coverage his way.  He will  also help out Geno Smith, who is struggling to prove himself as a number 1 quarterback in this league and really has 9 games left to prove himself.  Chris Johnson will lose some touches on the ball based on Harvin being used in specific play types out of the backfield.

Harvin is a dynamic player when he wants to be and it seems that his attitude is his biggest issue.  If he can get that under control, the Jets, who played the Patriots close, could make some things happen in the second half of the year, where the Bills face them twice in the next coming weeks.

Buffalo can’t play into the hype and they have to stick to their game plan, get to Smith and make sure there is a spy on him.  Don’t let him run, but pressure him at the same time, this will get Smith off of his game and the Bills will hand the Jets their 7th straight loss of the season.