Buffalo Bills: Monday Morning Reactions


Oct 5, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton (18) calls a play in the huddle during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I have to say that Monday Morning Reactions are a lot easier to put together after a win, than after a loss.  Buffalo, did come out with a win over the Detroit Lions and the best defense in the league, but they did have some help.  The Lions missed three field goals in what looked like a Pop Warner kid trying to kick fields. But a win is a win.  We certainly are not getting the love from any of the networks right now.

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Taking a look back at the game, Kyle Orton did what he needed to do and manage the game.  He was able to make throws when he needed to and move the ball.  He also threw for 300 yards, something that the Bills have not done in 27 consecutive games.  Orton did have an interception and it was a bad one, I think I could have read the curl route as well, but other than that there wasn’t a lot of bad issues with Orton at quarterback.

The Bills running game was not able to get anything going as they finished with 49 yards total on the ground.  The lowest of the season, and this was not too surprising as the Lions did have the 4th ranked rushing in the league.  Although, the Buffalo Bills held the Lions to only 69 on the ground and also sent Reggie Bush packing with an ankle injury.  The Bills are currently in 1st place with their rushing defense, allowing an average of 71.0 yards on the ground.

The Bills defense also held Matt Stafford and the Lions to only 221 yards in the air, not too bad either.  It helped that Calvin Johnson was non existent during the game and also left after a hit by Leodis McKelvin and looked to re-injury his already injured ankle.  The Buffalo Bills did get to Matt Stafford 6 times yesterday and recorded sacks.  Marcell Dareus did show up and took the lead with 3 sacks.  The Bills did move into a tie for first place with sacks having 17 to date.

The Buffalo Bills offensive line did not perform well and this might be the only real area that needs to be fixed and quick.  The Lions did have a top defensive line, but we should have been able to get more than 49 yards on the ground.  They only gave up 2 sacks to the Lions, but there were many times that Kyle Orton got hit or hurried when he should not have been.

Another area of concern is the Bills 3rd down percentage.  So far this year, they have not done extremely well on 3rd down conversions and sat at 31% against the Lions.  This seems to be par for the course for the Bills.  Although it down help with the Lions were held to only 9% conversion on 3rd down.

Overall, not too bad of a game and we got the win.  Sitting atop the AFC East still in first and actually ranked above the Patriots who are tied with us, we have a division win, they have a division loss.  There is still some improvements that need to be done.  Doug Marrone said that first owns were a concern as well, and the offensive line needs to step up.  I really think that Erik Pears needs to be replaced.  I am hoping that when Chris Williams returns, they move either him or Cyril Richardson over to the right side to help sure up the guard position, because right now, they don’t have any.